Dwyane Wade has informed the Chicago Bulls that he will be exercising his player option for $23.8 million for the 2017/2018 NBA season, according to Vincent Goodwill of CSN Chicago. The 35-year-old and three-time NBA champion will be entering his 15th season in the NBA. After being the star player of his beloved Miami Heat for 13 seasons, Wade will play his second season with the Chicago Bulls, the team he idolized as a kid. But this may not be Wade's last NBA contract.

Wade's salary

Dwyane Wade was asked by TNT's David Aldridge about his decision, and the response he received was: "24 millions." In addition, Wade went on to respond to critics who said he was being overpaid ($23.8 million) by tweeting the following: "18.3 points a game in 29mins on 43% shooting at 35 years old.

if I'm 25 with the same numbers I'm getting 150 million #Fading #petty." Wade seems he still has some gas in his tank, and his productivity and veteran leadership would be welcomed by most teams in the league. In addition, the salary cap has been raised and mediocre NBA players are now getting important contracts.

Bulls moving on?

The Chicago Bulls front office, more than in any other year, looks like it can finally make the bold decision of moving forward by beginning to rebuild the team. The team, unbalanced as it is, is clearly not going anywhere in the Eastern Conference. Thus, the only reasonable solution would be to trade the best player, Jimmy Butler. Butler's market value is higher than ever and teams like the Boston Celtics or Cleveland Cavaliers seem ready to part ways with some of their major assets, especially the Celtics, who can easily assemble an enticing package of several 1st-round draft picks and young, promising players.

Butler and Wade have bonded, but the duo will not take the Bulls to the NBA championship.

The Bulls' plans, however, have probably been altered as a result of Wade's decision. The Bulls cannot fully commit to rebuilding the team as long as they have a 35-year-old Dwyane Wade on their roster. Wade wants his team to play well now and will demand nothing less from his teammates.

In addition, Wade's hefty salary takes a big chunk out of the Bulls' cap space. Consequently, the Bulls are left hindered in the NBA's free agency period, unable to pursue major talents.

Miami Heat fans might have wished for a Wade return this year, but Wade had different plans. Another chance will surface next summer. Wade will be 36 and an unrestricted free agent. II he decides to continue on this NBA journey, then who knows if Miami can be his final destination?