Dwyane Wade was sitting court-side at Quicken Loans Arena, watching Game 4 of the 2017 NBA Finals. Prior to entering the arena, he was greeted by Cleveland fans, who had some interesting words for the superstar. These fans expressed their hope to see Wade in a Cavaliers uniform next season. Wade could become a free agent this summer, but he may accept his player option with the Chicago Bulls and earn $23.8 million next season. Could Wade leave behind that kind of money to reunite with LeBron James?

Wade could stay in Chicago

Dwyane Wade has 23.8 million reasons to stay in Chicago next season.

Jimmy Butler is a star in this league and Rajon Rondo is a proven champion. Who knows what the Chicago Bulls would have accomplished in these playoffs if Rondo hadn't injured his hand after being up 2-0 against the number one seeded Boston Celtics. After Miami Heat's Pat Riley showed him the door last season, it became clear that Wade would end up in Chicago. Miami has been his home for 13 years, but his real home is Chicago, and the team he idolized growing up was Michael Jordan's Bulls.

Wade's last chance ... with the Cavaliers?

Wade, 35 years of age, has a chance to chase a championship ring one last time. The three-time champion must have missed the feeling of being part of a dominant team that is capable of going all the way in the playoffs.

The Bulls are a dysfunctional team with a coach who cannot lead. The role players are unpredictable and the young players unambitious. In addition, the team's alarming lack of athleticism and three-point shooting hurts their chances of succeeding in today's game.

Wade could decline his player option with the Bulls and look for a new adventure in the NBA.

Seeing Wade again in a Miami Heat uniform is unlikely. Sorry Heat fans. However, joining the Cleveland Cavaliers could be one possibility. Cavaliers fans have already started to recruit Wade. ESPN’s Jason Gibbs captured a moment when some Cavaliers fans yelled at Wade as he entered Quicken Loans Arena to watch Game 4 of the NBA finals.

"We need you next year," they shouted. Cleveland fans understand that LeBron needs a little more help to defeat Golden State's super team.

Wade a realistic solution for the Cavaliers?

The Cleveland Cavaliers' shooting guard position is one position that can be upgraded. J.R. Smith, 31, is not getting younger and his defense will not get better. His constant inconsistency remains an issue for his team on many nights. His replacement, Iman Shumpert, is a better defender but contributes little to the team's offense.

Wade could be the shooting guard the Cavaliers need. He looks like he still has some fuel in his tank. More importantly, Wade's championship experience and basketball chemistry with his friend and old teammate LeBron James is invaluable.

LeBron has formed a new duo with Irving, but there can never be enough talent on a team.

Wade's addition to the Cavaliers team would create serious problems to the Warriors in a hypothetical and probable 2018 NBA finals against the Warriors. Stephen Curry has defended J.R. Smith in the three NBA finals. Klay Thompson, the Warriors' best perimeter defender, has been guarded Irving. Now, imagine if Curry had to defend Wade.

The Cavaliers' problem is that they are way over the salary cap. They have a tax bill of $25 million to pay for the 2016/2017 season, and next season will look similar. Thus, it will be very difficult for them to chase renowned free agents this summer. The Cavaliers cannot offer Wade anything close to $23.8 million.

In addition, in the event that they could convince Wade to come to Cleveland, the Cavaliers would need to rid themselves of several contracts on their roster. David Griffin, general manger of the Cavaliers, would need to do some magic.

Dwyane Wade's decision on his player option is due on June 27. Wade has earned enough money during his career, but it is almost impossible to imagine anyone saying no to that kind of money. The Cavaliers need his help, but Wade needs to end his career the right way.