The Cleveland Cavaliers have been busy so far in the off-season. The loss against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals stills haunts them. The Cavaliers have acknowledged that a gap in talent exists between the two teams. Thus, the Cavs have moved fast to entertain trade scenarios that could improve their team and their chances at the NBA title in 2018.

Paul George has been a name that has surfaced recently among media. It was reported that the Indiana Pacers called the Cavaliers to weigh their readiness to make an enticing offer for George.

But the prospect of taking George as a one-year rental could probably dissuade the Cavaliers. Now, they have set their eyes on Jimmy Butler. According to a report by ESPN's Marc Stein, the Cavaliers worked on multi-team scenarios all day on Monday with hopes of convincing the Chicago Bulls to trade Jimmy Butler. One team the Cavs may have engaged in talks with the Phoenix Suns.

Cavaliers pursuing Butler

The Chicago Bulls look closer to dealing Jimmy Butler this year than in other years. The team that they have assembled cannot go far in the Eastern Conference, and their cap space is limited. Their only way they can begin to turn things around is by acquiring several assets in exchange for Butler.

The Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Cleveland Cavaliers are among the teams that have asked the Bulls about Butler.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were the 22nd best defense in the regular season and allowed 121.6 points per game in these last finals. Defense has clearly been their main issue. Their big men are not rim protectors and LeBron James can no longer be the defensive anchor on the perimeter.

Is Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler the solution? The 6 ft 7 in shooting guard/small forward is a proven superstar who can excel on both ends of the floor.

Butler is coming off an All-Star season where he has averaged 23.9 points, 5.5 assists, 6.2 rebounds, and 1.9 steals per game. This has been Butler's best season yet. Butler would add a much-needed tenacity and aggressiveness on the defensive end for the Cavaliers.

In a potential rematch against the Golden State Warriors, Butler's defense would play a major factor against the Warriors' famous perimeter offense. In addition, adding Butler would relieve LeBron of the arduous task of handling the ball at all times. He could fit in nicely in the shooting guard position.

Butler the right choice for the Cavs?

Butler would need to develop a better 3-point shot in order to thrive in a LeBron-dictated offense. LeBron's teammates have the tendency of spreading the floor and being ready to receive a pass from LeBron once he comes off the pick-and-roll or attacks the basket. If Butler cannot sink that 3-point shot consistently, then he could become a liability in certain moments.

Kevin Love is again at the heart of any potential deal. The only way in which the Cavaliers can get their hands on a better star is by trading Love. However, it looks like the Cavaliers will need the help of other teams in order to assemble and offer a better package in exchange for the services of Jimmy Butler. It may be difficult to replace a big man All-Star who can rebound and knock the 3-point shot. If the Cavaliers do end up acquiring a perimeter player like Jimmy Butler or Paul George, then they would also need to look to add a veteran big man who can contribute immediately. Draft Night is approaching (June 22), so it is more than possible that we hear some trade news sooner than expected.