In 2009, Usain Bolt created history by breaking his own Record previous record of 9.69 seconds. In a 100 meter race, the Jamaican clocked only 9.58 seconds and that has been a world record still to be broken. Since then many have tried to break this record but have failed to do so.

When Bolt was asked if this record could be broken, he replied, "Yes, of course, [but] it would require a technically almost perfect race and for the weather conditions to be good."

His record has definitely gone down in history books and breaking it would require something special.

However, many have come close to breaking this record. Fellow countrymen, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell, who was also the previous record holder have come close to this timing. Asafa Powell believes that if something special was produced, this record could be broken but not easily.

Who is this wonder kid?

One recent challenger to Bolt's record was young American, Christian Coleman. The 21-year-old currently studying at the University of Tennessee is showing promise and ability to challenge this record. Over the coming years, he is one to look out for and could be the next fastest man on Earth.

Recently, he came just 0.24 seconds from breaking Bolt's 100-meter record and clocked 9.82 seconds. Even though he failed to break the world record, he set the record for the fastest in 100 meters for any collegiate.

This was also the world's 9th fastest for 100 meters. Coleman deems fellow American and the American record holder, Justin Gatlin to be his mentor in recent times.

Can he break the record?

At just 21 years old, he is crossing several milestones that some sprinters would like to achieve over the course of their entire career.

After the interview, Coleman mentioned that the best was yet to come and that, "the sky's the limit". He also confessed that he had no intentions of setting any records, he just wanted to make it to the finals. Coleman is faster than Bolt at his age.

Bolt could not break the 10-second barrier till he was three months away from becoming 22.

Coleman has broken into the 10-second barrier just after 21. The 21-year old's achievements do not end here as he has set many more records at the college level and this has also earned his a call-up to the US National Olympics team. This means that there is still a lot of fame and success yet to come in the American's career. But the real question is, Can he break Usain Bolt's record and become the fastest person alive?