The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2016 NFL season in need of improvement at the cornerback position, and after letting two of their starters leave in free agency, they needed to restock. The first thing that Dallas did was sign former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nolan Carroll, and then the Cowboys drafted three more corners in the 2017 NFL Draft. There might be a need for some of those rookies to immediately step up because Carroll was just arrested this week for a DWI in Dallas.

Nolan Carroll DWI arrest

The Nolan Carroll arrest took place in Uptown Dallas this week, and the 30-year-old was taken into custody and released on bond later that afternoon.

Carroll was driving on the wrong side of the road when he was pulled over and claimed he was avoiding hitting someone in the road. Police say they saw no one crossing the street by the incident.

According to the report, Nolan Carroll was leaving an Uptown Dallas club called Sidebar where they had a party to welcome him to the Dallas Cowboys. Nolan refused a blood test, and the police obtained a warrant for it. Carroll claimed he had not been drinking, taking prescription medication, or illegal drugs in 24 hours.

The Dallas Cowboys offer free Uber rides to all players who believe they are unable to drive home from somewhere safely.

Jason Garrett talks Nolan Carroll

Jason Garrett had been praising Nolan Carroll before the DWI arrest.

Garrett had said they knew how good Carroll was because the Dallas Cowboys had played against him for a few years while he was with the Philadelphia Eagles. He said that Carroll looked good at the OTAs and they were excited to see what he could do with the Cowboys this year.

After the Nolan Carroll arrest, Jason Garrett was singing a different tune.

The Dallas Cowboys head coach said this was "disappointing" and there is "no excuse" for Carroll to put himself in this sort of situation. However, Garrett said that Nolan has apologized to the team and is taking responsibility for the incident.

While Nolan Carroll told police he had not had anything to drink, the way Jason Garrett is talking, it sounds like Nolan is standing up for what he did.

This is a big deal because the Dallas Cowboys paid Carroll $10 million over three years and they expected him to start alongside Orlando Scandrick while the rookies learn the system and earn their shots.

There is a chance that the NFL could step up and punish Nolan Carroll for the DWI arrest. If that happens, Carroll could miss the first few Dallas Cowboys games of the season.