The first-round of the NFL Draft was as crazy as many expected. With many eye-popping trades, surprising picks, and players paying homage to many of their family members and other influential people, the draft only made fans more anxious for football to start. It was hard to forget the Philadelphia crowd that was in attendance for the draft, as it was loud and electric the whole night. It wasn't held in a theater like years past, it was held in front of the Philadelphia Museum Of Art with the crowd reaching around 70,000. The crowd was sensational, and this might push the NFL to make a similar venue choice in the future.

Back to Philly

The NFL Draft made its return to Philadelphia. The last time Philly hosted the NFL Draft was all the way back in 1961. To put it in perspective, the Super Bowl wasn't even called the Super Bowl back then. It was the Football World Championship. The Philadelphia crowd brought the fire now that the draft was back in their city, as the front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art was packed. There were no open spots seen, and the fans were excited to have the draft in the city of brotherly love. The crowd was full of fans of all teams, even though Eagles fans dominated most of the scene. The fans were rowdy and excited about being part of the NFL season, as many people covering the draft could barely hear themselves think.

Philadelphia was elated to have the NFL Draft back in their city, and they made sure that they represented Philly well.

Changes coming?

After Thursday night of the NFL Draft, the one thing that everyone could talk about was the awesome atmosphere the crowd created for the players and themselves. This was the first time that the draft was setup like this, with it being in an open area.

The Draft is usually held at Radio City Music Hall in New York, and even though it gave fans a great experience, Philadelphia was on another level. Being in an open area allowed more fans to be at the event.

The NFL should run with this setup. Philly fans are passionate about their Eagles so that also added to the excitement.

From a business standpoint, it will bring in lots of revenue for the NFL as well. The fans in Philly will have another night to prove that this is the best draft experience ever, as round two and three happen on Friday night. The coverage starts at 7 p.m. on ESPN, and at 8 p.m., will transfer over to ESPN 2.