When the Buffalo Bills drafted Sammy Watkins in 2013, they expected him to be the number one receiver. The team also had high hopes for Zay Jones when Buffalo selected him in this year’s draft. However, the NFL is a league where it's every man for himself. If somebody gets injured, the replacement can win the starting role. Think Tony Romo and Dak Prescott, or Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe. According to Buffalo News, wide receiver Andre Holmes has been lighting up the field in training camp. With Jones and Watkins both nursing injuries, Holmes has had a chance to strut his stuff, which has impressed Buffalo coach Sean McDermott, who praised him for his route running and special teams play.

Can Holmes move from the Dark Horse to the number one or number two receiver? The odds seem to be increasing for Holmes to move past the competition.

Holmes' time to shine

When Holmes was playing with the Oakland Raiders, he took a backseat to Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper. He played in every game over the past two years and managed to pull in 28 receptions for 328 yards. At first glance, those numbers may not seem over the top. However, a quarter of those catches went for touchdowns. Buffalo needs guys who can come down with the ball in the endzone. Holmes has also done well on special teams, which can be a big help to the Bills. Now that Crabtree and Cooper are out of his way, Holmes may have a break-out year that would not have been possible if he stayed with the Raiders.

The injury-prone Watkins

While Sammy Watkins is an exceptional player on the field, staying on the field has been a major issue for Watkins. He missed a slew of games over the last 4 years. Buffalo also did not pick up his fifth-year option on his contract. This leaves the door open for Holmes to steal his starting job, even if it's a bit of a long shot.

However, Holmes has been able to keep himself healthy these past two years.

Being a big receiver at 6 ft. 4 and 210 pounds is another plus for Holmes. Those jump balls from Tyrod Taylor can be his for the taking. Taylor has a strong arm and has burned opposing cornerbacks on long balls. With speedy Marquise Goodwin gone, Holmes can be the guy that runs the 40 yard routes and runs in for the score.

While Holmes must compete with Jones for the number two spot, Holmes is a veteran, while Jones’ talent in the NFL remains to be seen.

The training camp battle between Jones, Watkins, and Holmes is sure to be a heated one. May the best wide receiver win.