Almost two years to the day the Chicago Blackhawks decide they want Brandon Saad back in a Blackhawks uniform.

Panarin for Saad in four player deal

Hours before the draft today, the Blackhawks decide to deal Panarin to the Blue Jackets to get Brandon Saad back after two years of not having him. Saad who was selected 43rd overall by the Blackhawks in 2011 was a huge help to them when they won the 2013 and 2015 Stanley Cup. Saad was a huge part of the 2015 Stanley Cup Champions where he had 11 points in 23 games.

While Panarin plateaued his second year after winning the Calder Trophy (the most outstanding rookie) with 77 points.

This past season he had 74 points which are not too bad considering he was second in scoring for the Blackhawks. He was originally signed as a free agent to a two-year $7 million dollar contract and this past season signing another two-year extension worth $12 million dollars through the 2018-19 season.

Why would Chicago do this?

A possible reason Chicago would do this trade is to trim cap space off of a very high salary cap they have already. In return, however, they get Saas who had a very underproductive season this past year with 53 points through 82 games and 3 points in five playoff games with Columbus. Brandon Saad though still has 3 years remaining on a $36 million dollar contract.

Trade bait

Another reason that Chicago would do this deal is as trade bait in order to possibly move up in the draft. If Chicago can move and get the player they want. They could possibly get back on the winning track like they were when they won 2011, 2013 and 2015 Lord Stanley’s Cup. Other than that it is very hard to believe Chicago would give up such an asset for next year’s roster.

Other parts of the trade

Besides the swap of star players, the Blackhawks also give up Tyler Motte and a sixth-round pick in the 2017 Nhl Entry Draft. While Columbus gives up goaltender Anton Forsberg and a fifth-round pick in 2018 NHL Entry Draft. In 33 games Motte had 7 points while Forsberg only playing in the AHL had a record of 27-17 and GAA of 2.28.

Tyler was also the 121st pick by Chicago in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft where Anton was the 188th pick in 2011

NHL Draft

Many team’s phones are ringing off the hook with trades and deals being made right now. This is only one of the many going on right now. It will be interesting to see what other deals are done before and after the draft today. However, the way this trade ends up will be interesting considering if the Blackhawks do end up keeping or dealing Saad at the draft.