Buffalo’s second round draft pick Zay Jones is the one that they needed. The Bills lost three receivers during the offseason and have a new coaching staff. The team and fans have high hopes for the former East Carolina Pirate. How does Jones plan to spend his time between mini-camp and training camp? According to Buffalo Bills.com, Zay will meet up with his brothers Caleb and Levi in Los Angeles, where the three of them will train for their football teams. Caleb plays for the Minnesota Vikings and Levi is a linebacker for USC. The five weeks together is sure to be a bonding experience, as they push each other to new levels of play.

Their father was a Cowboy

The Jones’ brothers are no stranger to the NFL. Their father, Robert Jones, started as linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys in 1992. Now, Zay is playing for “the enemy.” The Cowboys and Bills met twice in back-to-back Super Bowls in 1993 and 1994 with Dallas winning both times. Robert stayed in the NFL for 10 years. Levi is following in his footsteps and will play linebacker as a freshman for USC this season. That is a main reason why the brothers are training together. Caleb and Zay want to help Levi get ready to play football in college.

Where the brothers stand

Caleb Jones has a foot in the door with the Vikings, but has not started a game with them yet. He is currently on their practice squad and will try to create some separation to secure a spot on the team.

At 6 ft. 2 and 209 pounds, he has decent size for a wide receiver. Jones originally signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted agent, but was cut during training camp. During his time in college with the Arizona Wildcats, he caught 129 passes for almost 2,000 yards and two touchdowns.

Zay is sure to be a starter with the Buffalo Bills if his knee can stay healthy and he can put up decent numbers.

Right now, his biggest competition appears to be Andre Holmes, the former Oakland Raider receiver who has been lighting up the field during Buffalo’s mini- camp. A healthy Sammy Watkins means he has the number one wide receiver position locked. During his college days, Zay improved by leaps and bounds every season. As a freshman, he caught 62 passes for over 600 yards.

By his senior year, he had an impressive 158 receptions and 1746 yards. He is reunited with quarterback Nate Peterman, a Bills draft pick who had good chemistry with Jones during this year’s Senior Bowl.

Levi Jones is the newbie of the family but he is also the biggest. At 6 ft. 5 and 307 pounds, the linebacker is sure to make an impact for USC. Perhaps he will be showing brothers Caleb and Zay a thing or two in the weight room when they start their training.