Last weekend, former WWE superstar Sean Waltman (X-Pac) was arrested at Lax when he was on his way to Europe to work a pay-per-view event. The charges were drug possession and intent to distribute as the police claimed that Waltman had a large number of meth pills and over $700 in cash on him at the time of the arrest. However, in a recent appearance on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Sean said that he is innocent and gave his side of the story.

Sean Waltman on what happened at LAX

Sean Waltman said that he actually stopped at the local dispensary at the LAX airport to pick up some items.

He picked up his dosage of cannibas pills, which Sean said was three to four bottoles at 35 milligrams each. He said that he takes 300 mg at a time so one bottle is one dosage and they would get him through the air trip to and from Europe. As Waltman said, they can't arrest him in California for possession of the cannibas pills but he said there was a person at the gate who really wanted to arrest him. That is when they charged him with possession of meth pills, which Waltman said wasn't even meth pills. According to Waltman, the pills were for a Yeast infection but they assumed they were meth pills and arrested him anyway. The former WWE superstar said that the pills were sent into be examined and when the results return he believes all charges will be dropped.

Sean Waltman on people not trusting him

Sean Waltman also said on the podcast appearance that he completely understands why people don't trust him. Waltman said that he isn't mad at anybofy and that he even has friends who doubt his story. Sean said that he ges it and he wouldn't want anyone to feel bad about doubting him because of his past.

However, Sean said that he doesn't lie about his past drug problems and is completely honest about what he has done wrong in his past. He said that he even understands the police at LAX doubting him and that he won't cry about being held in jail for two days because he knows he is innocent of what they charged him with.

Sean Waltman on changing

Sean Waltman said that anyone who thinks he might still be on meth just needs to look at him. Sean said that he was severely addicted to meth and when a person is as deep into the addiction as he was you can tell by just looking at them. Sean said he is in the best condition of his life and has surrounded himself with people outside of the WWE who are positive influences in his life. He has even changed his diet to cut out addictive ingredients and is that strong into his lifestyle change.