For years, there have been television shows that involved people pulling pranks on other people. The most famous of these was the MTV series "Jackass" and the Ashton Kutcher series "Punk'd." The WWE tried to get in on the act by producing their own series called "Swerved" which they then aired on the Wwe Network. However, one of the pranks went terribly wrong for WWE superstar Titus O'Neil, who now is facing a huge $1.2 million lawsuit from a former WWE cameraman.

The 'Swerved' prank that went wrong

The pranks on "Swerved" range from humorous to eye-rolling.

However, one of the pranks seemed to cross the line. Instead of just trying to trick someone or fake them out, one episode saw the producers give WWE women's superstar Paige a cattle prod and sent her on her way. Paige was excited and ran around shocking people with the cattle prod. She shocked Neville, who called is assault and joked he was going to call the police. She asked permission from Kane and walked on when he said no in a funny moment. However, one moment that wasn't shown on the video of the "prank" involved Titus O'Neil and that is where the problem really went one step too far.

Titus ONeil and the assault

While Paige was having the time of her life shocking everyone she found, it went sour when she shocked Titus O'Neil with the cattle prod.

According to reports, Paige shocked O'Neil and the big man was not happy with it. Cameraman David Anderson alleges that O'Neil angrily kicked the camera out of his hands after being shocked. Anderson claims that he suffered serious injuries to his hands, fingers, and wrist. Anderson was also warned to leave before anything further attacks took place.

Anderson has sued O'Neil for $1.2 million in damages for the attack. The Titus O'Neil incident was edited out of the final cut of the "Swerved" episode.

Titus O'Neil and the WWE

This isn't the first time that Titus O'Neil has found himself in controversial water in the WWE. When Vince McMahon brought all the wrestlers out to the stage to honor Daniel Bryan after he announced his retirement from professional wrestling.

When McMahon went to leave, Titus grabbed the Chairman of the WWE in a joking manner to let Stepanie McMahon leave first and was almost fired for it. He ended up suspended for 60 days. More recently, O'Neil almost got in trouble for posting a fun photo of Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman together in Rome, despite the fact the two are embroiled in a blood feud. For his own part, O'Neil is involved in a storyline as a possible manager for a new stable.