Sean Waltman was supposed to be at a pay-per-view in the UK this weekend and no-call, no-showed the event. The former WWE star never responded to calls from the promotion and many worried about his safety and well-being. So far, two friends of Waltman, Kevin Nash and Keven Undergaro, have said that he is alright and is just dealing with some issues right now.

Sean Waltman is missing

Sean Waltman was scheduled to wrestle at the IPW pay-per-view in the United Kingdom on Saturday. His plane was supposed to land in the UK on Friday but no one heard from him.

The match was supposed to see Waltman, who was known in the WWE as X-Pac, teaming with Chakara and Scott Star to fight Sammy Smooth, Adam "Flex" Maxted, and Livvii Grace. When Waltman never showed up, promoter Daniel Edgar posted on the IPW Facebook page that Sean would not show up unless there was a miracle. He then wished Waltman well but said that he did everything he could and there was nothing he could add to the questions of what happened.

Friends fo Sean Waltman check in

When fans started to worry, Sean Waltman's name started trending on social media with people saying he was missing. Sean takes part in The Tomorrow Show and his co-host Keven Undergaro posted a message on Twitter to assure fans that Waltman was okay.

Keven said that he had spoken to Sean and that he was ok but is "dealing with issues." He said that they will speak again soon. WWE Hall of Fame legend Kevin Nash, who was part of the Kliq in the WWE with Waltman, took to Twitter on Sunday as well. Despite the fact that Sean no-call, no-showed a pay-per-view appearance and never responded to calls, Kevin Nash said there is nothing to worry about and that Waltman "is great."

Sean Waltman and his wrestling career

While Sean Waltman has friends who said he is okay, this will hurt the value of booking him in the future for indie shows who rely on reliable wrestlers to sell tickets.

The good news is that the former WWE star was planning on stepping away from the ring in the near future. While Waltman said that he is not retiring completely from in-ring competition, he will stop taking bookings soon and said that he will stop wrestling for awhile starting at the end of 2017. Many took that to mean that Waltman was retiring completely but Sean said that he needed to take some time off for his body to heal because, at his age, he can't go as mush as he did when he was on top of the WWE and WCW in the '90s.