It has been a tough few months for female superstars in the WWE, both past and present. While the most infamous of the leaks included sex videos of former WWE women's champion Paige, the biggest female star in the company now finds herself at the center of the WWE nude leaks. Charlotte Flair had personal nude photos leaked on the Internet. While some WWE Divas have denied the nude photos are real, Charlotte came out and admitted that they were her personal photos.

The original WWE nude leaks

It all started when nude photos and videos of injured WWE superstar Paige hit the Internet.

Those were just the start, as quickly nude photos of former Divas such as Kaitlyn, Melina, and Maria Kanellis hit the Internet as well. Current "Monday Night Raw" superstar Summer Rae also had risque photos released and current "Raw" women's champion Alexa Bliss had what she calls fake nude photos released. While Alexa Bliss denies the photos are real, calling them photoshops, Charlotte Flair took to Twitter and said that personal photos of her have been stolen and she wants them off the Internet immediately.

Former WWE Diva Sunny speaks out

Before the Charlotte Flair Nude Photo leak this week, former WWE Diva and Hall of Fame superstar Tammy "Sunny" Sytch spoke out about the nude leaks. She admitted that she had seen the leaked Paige video, which also included current WWE superstar Xavier Woods and former wrestler Brad Maddox.

Sunny, who has made porn since leaving the WWE, said she feels bad for the WWE female superstars but said that they were also partially to blame. Sunny said that normal people get their mobile devices hacked so famous people should understand that it could happen to them too. By keeping these photos and videos on mobile devices, they were opening themselves up to hackers and nude photo leaks.

Charlotte Flair and the WWE

Charlotte Flair is still the biggest star in the WWE. Most of the nude photos that were leaked were selfies she took in front of a mirror. The WWE has set a precedent of not punishing the victims of these hacks, even if there are nude photos leaking around the Internet. Seth Rollins, a male WWE superstar had nude photos leaked of him as well and he went on to become the WWE world champion after that incident.

Alexa Bliss, while she claims the nude photos are fake, just won the WWE women's title on "Raw" this week. Paige, the biggest victim, is still out injured. Charlotte Flair has little to worry about with her WWE career but will want to play it more carefully in the future.