The WWE has faced a lot of criticism over the years when injuries happen to fans who try to execute moves at home. When children or teenagers are seriously injured, many people have tried to sue the WWE for the injuries. It got to the point where the WWE advertised constantly to not try the moves at home because their stars are trained professionals. However, in a recent case involving the death of a child, the WWE refused to sit still.

The death of Addie Cook

In a tragedy that should never have happened, 2-year-old Addie Cook died after a man allegedly hit her with a wrestling move.

The move was the "Batista Bomb," which is just a form of the classic WWE power bomb where you lift up a person and then slam them down onto their back on the ground. This also wasn't the first time that abuse occurred.

24-year-old Richard Gamache Jr. hit the Batista Bomb on the 2-year-old toddler, which resulted in the child's death. Both Gamache and Addie's 19-year-old Mother Cheyenne Cook were arrested following the death. When speaking of the charges, police say they found signs of prior abuse as well. There were bruises all over the child's body that EMTs found when called to deal with this little girl, as she suffered a seizure after the alleged abuse.

There was also digital evidence available that showed them that Gamache abused Addie Cook many times and the mother covered it up and never sought medical assistance.

Text messages that Gamache sent to Cook admitted that he caused the injuries through "rough play."

The district attorney's office originally charged Gamache with abuse of neglect of a child. He is held on a $500,000 cash only bond. Cook is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Her bond is also cash only, set up at $2,500.

The charges against Gamache has been upgraded to abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death.

The WWE releases a statement

The WWE normally takes a stance that people should not execute professional wrestling moves when something happens to fans and injuries occur. However, in this case, the WWE stood up and took a stand because this was not something the victim ever could have controlled.

The WWE responded to the death and the news that it was due to a WWE move with the statement that they are deeply saddened and they hope the guilty parties are both brought to justice. When it comes to the death of Addie Cook, the WWE stated there is no justification for a grown man to beat a child to death.