Parents are once again blaming the WWE for bad decisions made by their children. This time, the instance was when a 14-year-old child brought a "kill list" to school with him. On this list, he listed the names of all the people he said he wanted to kill, which included most members of the football team.

In a moment that isn't as shocking as one might think, the parents of the 14-year-old boy decided that they would point their finger at the WWE and blame them for the "kill list." They claimed their son was influenced by the "List of Jericho," a list that WWE superstar Chris Jericho created in order to show everyone that he hated.

The List of Jericho

When Chris Jericho made the "List of Jericho," it was originally a joke. Jericho was angry at authority figure Mick Foley backstage and said that Foley "made the list." Soon, he was told that was funny and he should use it in his promos. He told Vince McMahon and they decided to make it a real physical list.

Chris would come to the ring and the crowd would play along as he said, "you just made the list" and would write someone's name on it. He would then point out people in the audience who annoyed him and add them. He recently added Tom Brady to the list when people started calling him the Greatest of All Time (GOAT), which Jericho claims for himself.

The "List of Jericho" is considered a joke and a gag to make fans laugh.

The Kill List

No one can consider the "Kill List" as a joke. There are way too many high school shootings to take this as a joke. When it comes from a young boy who claims he wants to kill football players, one thinks of bullying and that a 14-year-old might end up pushed to his breaking point. It also can't be a good thing that his parents blame the WWE instead of trying to get their son help.

The mother said that she believes this is serious but that her son would never hurt anyone.

The WWE takes the blame too many times

Parents have sued the WWE for many things. When one child hurts another, or even when one dies, the parents seem to blame the WWE for the deaths. In 2012, a two-year-old died when his brother tried a wrestling move on him.

In 2015, a seven-year-old died after trying to imitate wrestling moves.

These are all tragic but in cases where a child takes a "Kill List" to school, something that has to be seen as a threat to other students, blaming a WWE gimmick like the Chris Jericho "List of Jericho" seems a little far-fetched.