Dwyane Wade just finished his first season with his hometown Chicago Bulls. While the season ended with a trip to the playoffs, it wasn't as successful as Wade or the Bulls had hoped. The Chicago Tribune reported that Wade has the choice to pick up a $23.8 million option for next season in Chicago but he might end up on the second team based on his use and performance this season. It is clear that the end might be coming for Wade and he has said that his goal is to one day end his career with the Miami Heat.

Dwyane Wade and the Chicago Bulls

While Dwyane Wade said he will one day retire with the Miami Heat, that isn't likely to happen this next year.

For one thing, there is little chance that Dwyane passes up $23.8 million, regardless of playing time with the Chicago Bulls. The Tribune reported that just about everyone in the Bulls' organization expects Wade to pick up his option and he has until June 27 to make his decision.

Now, there is the fact that Dwyane Wade said that he wants to do what is best for him and the Chicago Bulls but that is just lip service. When it comes to picking up almost $24 in pay for one year, it is clear what is best for Dwyane, especially since he turns 36 next January and won't get anything close to that contract from any other team.

Dwyane Wade will retire in Miami

When Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls, it was because of a huge rift between him and Pat Riley.

According to Wade, Riley was not available to even talk to him about returning and according to Riley, he was blindsided when Dwyane chose to leave the Heat. However, despite the bad feelings when Wade left, he still played in Miami for 13 seasons.

After watching the San Antonio Spurs retire the uniform of Tim Duncan after he spent his entire career with one team, Dwyane Wade said he didn't regret leaving Miami to play for the Chicago Bulls.

However, Wade also said that he knows this is not a permanent thing and that he will always have a home with the Miami Heat.

Of course, Dwyane Wade didn't necessarily mean that he will return to play for the Miami Heat again. However, Wade spoke about how Alonzo Mourning left Miami to play for the New Jersey Nets. After that, Mourning returned to the Heat and they retired his jersey at the end of his career.

That was a case where Mourning not only returned and retired as a member of the Heat but played for three more years in Miami to end his career.

Dwyane Wade brought three NBA Championships to the Miami Heat, one in 2006 alongside Shaquille O'Neal and Alonzo Mourning and two more in 2012 and 2013 with LeBron James and Chris Bosh. When Wade retires, it will be as a member of the Miami Heat. The only question is when that will happen.