Unfortunately for Nets fans, the move made many moons ago is still taking its toll. The move they made with the Boston Celtics, trading away all future hopes in return for veterans, which inevitably failed. On the bright side, 2017 is only a swap year with the Celtics, so the Nets get to at least pick at No.27 in the first round. In addition, they also have Washington's first-round pick at No. 22. Unfortunately, these picks are obviously late in the draft, meaning the talent pool of high-impact players will have theoretically dried up by the time the Nets are on the clock.

However, it is important to note that if the Nets gamble big again, they could come out on top with a "steal." Sadly, their high-risk, high-reward potential pick in Hamidou Diallo has decided that he wasn't getting the attention necessary to enter the draft and that he would stay another year at Kentucky.

However, although most teams with a high-draft pick who are in need of big men probably won't stretch down in order to draft what they need, the Brooklyn Nets are in need of a big man and in the perfect place to draft one. Some names that come to mind are TJ Leaf out of UCLA, or Purdue's Caleb Swanigan.

Now, it should be said, that the Nets might not win games, but they don't play bad basketball.

This season they boasted the worst record in the league, but if you watch their games, they weren't entirely bad. The score line might display a lack luster team that doesn't always give effort because in the end they know the result will be the same; but watching the game you realize they do in fact have players who can in fact put the ball in the hoop.

But the question remains -- what can the Nets do to be better next season? People do not understand that currently Brooklyn is in a pretty good position. Why you might ask? Let's break down the Brooklyn Nets situation.

Raise in the salary cap

The salary cap is going up again. This is probably the only thing Brooklyn is favored for as of now.

The raise in cap means the Nets only have more space -- making it a great destination for free agents who are seeking to get a pay raise. Unfortunately there aren't many superstars up for grabs this season, but with this room and the room for potential, you could see free agents seeing this as an opportunity. The projected cap space is at around $22 million. But GM Sean Marks has a good head on his shoulders in regards to free agency -- knowing that it is free agency that has hurt the Nets in the past. In a press conference Marks had this to say. "If you can go after one of the top-tier guys, you obviously would hope to get him, but does that really make you better?" All said and done, the Brooklyn Nets might not be winning, but at least they have an immense fund with a smart money manager at the forefront.

Brooklyn free agents

Brooklyn does not boast many free agents -- which only improves their financial standing. They have two unrestricted free agents in Randy Foye, and KJ McDaniels, the second of which contains a team option. The future for both is not exactly secure -- but I would not be surprised it the Nets do not make an attempt at maintaining Randy Foye. With KJ McDaniels on a team option they hold him in their hands as well. Although they do not need to get rid of them to free up space, it certainly would not hurt if they don't plan on using them.

What should Brooklyn do now?

Sean Marks has the right idea. Have a lot of patience and make every decision carefully. Knowing that Brooklyn has been burnt in the past by overzealous decisions, Marks is smart in exercising his caution.

With all that being said, this does not mean that Brooklyn is not abstaining from moves this off-season. In fact, Brooklyn is rumored to be looking at a slew of free agents. One of the free agents they are eyeing is JJ Redick.

This might look like the Nets are not learning from their mistakes, but with the amount of cap space they have open paired with the lack of shooters they boast, I don't think Nets fans should go rampant about them pursuing this lead. In the end they could pursue Redick and then some, so I think its a safe bet. The only reason anyone should be opposed to this trade is that it might hurt younger player progression -- i.e. Caris LeVert or Sean Kilpatrick. So as long as the Nets keep Redick as an off-the-bench scorer, they should be fine.

In consideration of the foregoing, the Nets don't have many moves they can make with a lot of talented free agents part of teams that are winning; such as Jj Redick on the LA Clippers or Otto Porter Jr. of the Washington Wizards. So it will take a large financial incentive for these free agents to join Brooklyn. Luckily this is an advantage they can easily flaunt. The off-season will certainly be an interesting time for Brooklyn.