An NBA playoff series is all about momentum and runs. Can the Raptors slow down the momentum of the Cavs and even this series up at one apiece?

The Cavs completely throttled Toronto in game 1. They shot 41 percent from beyond the arc, 45 percent from the field, and held Lowry and DeRozan to 20 points or less. This kind of an effort was really interesting to see from Cleveland because they had so much time off that you would expect some time of off start from them. That couldn't have been further from the truth. The Cavs came out with a fire in their eyes and a look that not only do they want to win, but they missed playing basketball.

Keys for Toronto

The first and obvious key is they have to slow down LeBron. They don't have many options other than to try and dare him to shoot and hope for the best. LeBron has been a beast all year, and he made it known in game one that he's going to get whatever he wanted. The second thing they need to try and accomplish is to make the role players beat them. This meaning guys like J.R. Smith, Channing Frye, and Richard Jefferson they need to seek to make those guys kill them from shooting the ball. Doubling LeBron and doubling Kyrie is how you're going to get this action happening. It's a high-risk, high-reward but playing straight up against the Cavs will not work.

Keys for Cleveland

The biggest key for Cleveland is to keep having fun.

Game 1 filled us with a lot of fun basketball from them, and that's where they strive on the court. They need to keep that vibe and get right back into a rhythm from the beginning of game two. Whether that be LeBron going to work or running some sets to get Kyrie in pick and rolls and finding a shooter, they have to get that rhythm.

If the Cavs can build some 10-4 lead or 12-5, they can just start stepping on the throat of Toronto and make their mark.

Lastly, Cleveland just has to force DeMar DeRozan into being in isolation. If they can do that and make him take tough shots, they will be in great shape.

This series is all about if Toronto can enforce the Cavs to play differently.

In game 1, the Cavs looked freer than they have all year. The Raptors have to go at Cleveland and not back down if they want a shot at winning this. This will require Lowry hitting some dribble pull-ups and DeMar to nail some tough shots. It's a do-able challenge but something that will also take a bit of luck to achieve.

Game two will be played 7:00 PM EST Wednesday night on TNT.