There is a rule many GMs go by in the NFL today when it comes to building a team. The rule is you need to have a quarterback, and you need to have a person who can tackle the opponents quarterback. Pass rushing has evolved since the time Deacon Jones of the Rams made the term "sack" and actual thing in the NFL. We have seen many great pass rushers since then and much more are in the NFL today showing their stuff. Being able to disrupt a QB's flow on defense can lead to mistakes that the defense can take advantage of and swing the game into your favor.

This list ranks the Top five pass rushers coming into the 2017 season. They can be a defensive lineman or an OLB because some teams use different schemes defensively.

Khalil Mack

Khalil Mack started off 2016 slow but he picked it up as the season went on. He finished with 11 sacks which was tied for eighth most in the league. Mack made some crucial strip sacks, late in games, which shows that he isn't afraid of the big moment. He had a total of five forced fumbles on the year. He has a strong get-off and is quick around the edge leaving opposing offensive tackles in the dust. The Raiders offense is coming back at full strength and looks like they will put up a ton of points. This only makes the opportunity or Mack to sack the QB even greater, as teams will be trying to catch up by passing the ball.

His size and quickness are one of a kind and don't be surprised if he makes a statement this season.

Vic Beasley Jr.

Vic Beasley Jr. exploded onto the scene last year and put up some dominating numbers when it comes to rushing the passer. He led the league in sacks with 15.5 and caused 6 forced fumbles. Beasley finally got the hang of the defense as he was a high pick in the draft a few years ago.

He used a mixture of finesse and power moves to keep opposing blocker guessing on what he was going to do next. Beasley will look to capitalize on his great year, as the Falcons are coming off of their Super Bowl LI loss. Beasley underperformed that game, so expect him to make up for that all throughout the 2017 season.

Von Miller

Many could make the argument that Von Miller had a quiet year. You would be wrong. It seemed to be a quiet year because the Broncos went 8-8 and had problems on the offensive side of the ball. Miller finished the year with 13.5 sacks which ranked him second in the league. He was able to get the ball loose a few times, forcing three fumbles. Miller's year went under the radar due to the complications with the Broncos offense. He is still one of the best pass rushers in the league, and next year he will bring the noise and get him back to super stardom.

Joey Bosa

Joey Bosa had contract issues that prevented him from getting the work needed to start off strong in the NFL, but he got used to it very quickly.

Bosa was a defensive anchor for the Chargers, ending the season with 10.5 sacks. Many see Bosa as the next J.J Watt and that would be a great comparison. His brute strength puts pass blockers on their heels, not being able to handle him. He is already drawing double teams and he just finished his rookie season. Bosa has a lot of upside to his game and he now has a full offseason to work on his craft. Bosa is going to be a big problem for QBs next season.

Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones was performing very well while he was learning a new defense in Arizona. He got 11 sacks last season and gave the Cardinals a much-needed pass rush. Jones was traded from the Patriots midseason and had to adapt to his new role in the defensive scheme.

He forced four fumbles, making QBs grip the ball a little tighter when they saw him come across the line. Jones' length puts him at an advantage when rushing the passer, and lineman really can't get their hands on him. With an offseason to better understand his role in the defense, Chandler Jones is ready to put fear in QBs for 2017.

Pass rushers should be the piece every team builds around for their defense. In a passing league, getting to the QB is crucial and these guys can cause chaos for opposing offenses. These talented pass rushers are ready to take the field once again and prove that nobody in the league can contain them.