The NBA Finals are days away and many fans are excited for the third installment of the Cavs/Warriors match-up. Both teams had easy routes to get to the Finals and now that both teams are healthy, we are ready to see an epic seven game series. This NBA Finals has its fair share of stars, as there are 11 players playing in this series that have been all-stars at least once in their career. That is the highest amount since the 1983 NBA Finals. Everyone knows that the stars will show up, but what about the X-factors? X-factors will play a huge role in the NBA Finals, as they will be able to catch the opposing team off-guard and make an impact for their team.

The difference between a win and a loss could be in the hands of an X-factor player, so who are the X-factors for the Cavs and Warriors?

Cavs X-factor

The X-factor for the Cleveland Cavaliers isn't a bench player as many might think. Their X-factor is right in the starting lineup -- their big man Tristian Thompson. Thompson has made a living in the NBA by being a hustle player, diving for loose balls and grabbing an insane amount of rebounds. Those talents are what makes him the X-factor for the Cavs in the NBA Finals. Thompson's ability to set good screens and get offensive boards will help the Cavs keep the Warriors from running in transition, something they do very well. Thompson will be guarded by Draymond Green or Zaza Pachulia and this is a mismatch for both defenders.

Thompson has a height advantage over Draymond which will allow him to get more rebounds and he is quicker than Pachulia, which might open possible alley-oop attempts.

Thompson's offensive game is limited to a floater and a quick hook shot, but that is exactly what he needs to do. He needs to pick his spots on offense wisely and make the Warriors guard him.

If the Warriors begin to collapse the paint, this will open up shots from deep for Kyle Korver and Channing Frye.

Warriors X-Factor

The X-Factor for the Warriors isn't new to the NBA Finals spotlight. He actually won Finals MVP back in 2015. Andre Iguodala is the X-factor for the Golden State Warriors. Iguodala is a sixth man of the year candidate, as he provided great minutes coming off the bench.

He is a great defender and caused LeBron James problems in the 2015 Finals. Iguodala's defensive expertise will be called on again in these NBA Finals. Kevin Durant won't be able to keep up with LeBron James, as he is on a dominant tear, averaging 35 in the playoffs. Durant will need Iguodala to help him in defending James. Andre is also a decent shooter so he will be called upon when Durant is on the bench to make some timely shots to keep the Warriors in the game. Iguodala is arguably the best perimeter defender on the team, so he will be asked to have a repeat performance of the 2015 NBA Finals, along with great shooting and great defending.

Both players have shown their worth throughout the season and now they will need to step up in the NBA Finals. Catch Game 1 Thursday night on ABC at 9 p.m.