It's been a while since Stephen A. Smith made the right prediction about the potential winner of NBA finals. To be precise, he has picked the wrong NBA finals winner every year since 2011. That's six times in a row! Considering the fact that this man has been around basketball for almost his entire life, it's hard to understand why and how is it possible for him to pick the wrong winner for six straight times. Stephen A. Smith is a sports analyst and talk show host on ESPN and Espn First Take. He is arguably ESPN's best-known personality, known for his provocative analysis and dour delivery.

Smith has made some bold predictions over the years, and his NBA Finals predictions have been nothing short of amazing.

Wrong for so many times

Some would say, if Stephen A. makes another prediction, put your money against him -it’s almost a guarantee you will win. In 2011 he chose the Miami Heat over the Dallas Mavericks and he was wrong. In 2012 Smith predicted that the Oklahoma City Thunder would win the title, but that wasn't the case. In 2013 he said he believes that the San Antonio Spurs will win the championship, but yet again he was wrong. He picked the Miami Heat to win it in 2014, but that wasn't the case. Stephen A. Smith was wrong again in 2015 saying that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors, and of course last year he picked the Warriors to win it.

This "streak" is truly remarkable considering how statistically difficult it is to get six predictions wrong in a row.

The odds of getting a 50/50 guess wrong six times in a row is 1.56 percent. Wow, Stephen, that's impressive! But don't say that to the Golden State Warriors fans, because this time Smith believes that the Warriors will win the 2017 NBA finals.

Warriors to win it in 7 games, according to Smith

On the May 29th episode of ESPN First Take, Stephen A.

Smith made his prediction about the 2017 NBA finals winner. It will be the third straight matchup in the finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Smith believes this time the Warriors will end up winning the title. He was somewhat aware of his previous wrong predictions as he said, "For the public out there, don't listen to me.

I've been wrong for the last six straight years." He then added that he thinks the Warriors are going to win the title this time in a Game 7, "I am predicting that the Golden State Warriors will hold on and knock off the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7."

Will he be right this time? We'll see soon. Game 1 of the NBA finals will be played on Thursday night, June the 1st.