LeBron James had a spectacular performance in game 5 against the Boston Celtics as he became the best all-time scorer of NBA playoffs. With 5,995 postseason points, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is now number one on the scoring list and it is not very likely that anyone will take him down anytime soon. James' teammate Richard Jefferson believes that the record will be unbreakable when LeBron is done.

Keep in mid, LeBron is only 32 and he will most likely play in the league for at least three or four more years. Furthermore, he has one more series to play this year and that series could easily go to seven games.

Considering how incredible James has been this postseason, it is not unlikely that he reaches 6,200 points at the end of the playoffs.

Richard Jefferson believes no one will break the record

"I want to go on record because I want to be the first one to say this. His record, when he's done, will be unbreakable. Whoever tries to get to James' record is going to have to play in 10 NBA Finals and average 30 points a game to get there. Like, let's put that in perspective. That's impossible," Richard Jefferson said after LeBron's record-breaking performance against the Celtics. While this could sound like an exaggeration, Jefferson has a good point as James has already separated himself from rest of the pack.

By the time his career is over, he will be well ahead of everyone else and it is very unlikely that another player will take him down.

To put it into perspective, LeBron James has scored 1,983 more points in the postseason than Tony Parker, who ranks second on the all-time postseason scoring list among active players. Behind Parker, there are Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki and Manu Ginobili, and all three of them will retire soon.

Could Kevin Durant get close to LeBron's record?

Kevin Durant, who will play against LeBron in the NBA Finals this year, ranks 29th on the all-time scoring list with 2,872 points. Durant will turn 29 this year and even if James doesn't score a single point in the playoffs, it is hard to believe he would ever surpass him. The Golden State Warriors forward is one of the best scorers in NBA history, yet even he is so far away from James.

What makes LeBron's record even more impressive is the fact that he's not even a scorer. According to him, he's a playmaker and he gets his teammates involved in the game. James has never had a very reliable three-point shot like Durant, yet he's managed to become the greatest scorer in NBA history. His record is already untouchable and it's crazy to think that he achieved it during his prime.