Otto Porter, who is set to become a restricted free-agent this summer, is expected to draw a lot of interest from multiple teams after putting up a strong year with the Washington Wizards. According to J.Michael of CSN Mid-Atlantic, the Wizards are determined to keep Porter. However, with efficient 3-and-D players such as Porter very much in demand these days, Washington will have to go over the salary-cap threshold to retain the service of one of the NBA’s best marksmen from last season.

Otto Porter is automatically in Washington?

Washington entered the off-season with $91 million guaranteed salaries in their books for next season.

In short, they are $12 million over the cap and they are in danger of going over the luxury tax threshold if they pay Porter a max contract. They can still avoid paying luxury tax penalties by renouncing their hold on another restricted free-agent Bojan Bogdanovic. The problem is the Wizards don’t have much depth to start with, and losing Bogdanovic to free-agency will result in a slight downgrade of the roster.

Bleacher Report cap expert Dan Favale clearly explained the Wizards’ financial situation in his off-season preview: “Paying Porter the max will run around $25.3 million in Year 1—approximately 25 percent of the cap and more than double his hold. The Wizards can skirt the tax by renouncing Bogdanovic, but only if they don't make any other noteworthy acquisitions with the mid-level exception.”

On the other hand, Porter very much deserves to get a significant raise in his salary after averaging 13.4 points and 6.4 rebounds in 32 minutes per game.

He also played a career-high 80 regular-season games this season after overcoming countless bouts of hip injuries, but most of all he jacked up his three-point shooting percentage to a career-best 43 percent. The best part about of Porter’s game is he fits well with the Wizards’ ball-dominant guards John Wall and Bradley Beal, as he generated most of his points off the ball and spot-ups.

John Wall extension is a priority

Apparently, re-signing Porter to a long-term contract is not even the first priority for the Wizards front-office. Sean Deveney of Sporting News reported that locking up Wall to a super-max deal comes as the first order of business for the Wizards. Wall became eligible for the Designated Veteran Players’ Extension after making it to the All-NBA third team.

The All-Star guard can now sign a four-year, $170 million extension thanks to the new collective bargaining agreement.

However, one general manager warned the Wizards about letting Porter test the free-agency market. He believes there is a significant risk involved if the Wizards allow Porter to remain unsigned two days Free Agency because the team that missed on their target free-agents will shift their attention on restricted free-agents like Porter.

According to Deveney, the Brooklyn Nets have long been eyeing Porter as a potential free-agency target, while the Dallas Mavericks would have also entered the fray, if the Nerlens Noel deal didn’t materialize at the trade deadline. The Orlando Magic and the Philadelphia 76ers are also viewed as potential suitors for the sweet-shooting wingman.