Last game in the Western Conference Finals for this NBA season as the Golden State Warriors pull the brooms out of the closet for the third time. With another outstanding performance from their new addition this year in Kevin Durant, they look virtually unstoppable. The game ended 129-115. This is the takeaway from this game.


Unfortunately, the Spurs superstar, leading scorer, and the man they run the offense and defense through injured his ankle in Game 1 - and although he could have rushed back in order to play while still injured, it was a wise decision to bench him considering future implications.

But they truly paid the price while he was missing. It is a sad way to end the season as it ends with a 'what-if' feeling, which always leaves a bad taste. But what can the Spurs take away from this 4-0 sweep?

Rookies are important

For a team like San Antonio that has been so dominant for some years now, making sure you utilize the late draft picks efficiently is key - and with the rookies getting some game time with the injuries they suffered, it is clear that Gregg Popovich and his draft staff are great. We got a good look at their most recent draft pick Dejounte Murray in these playoffs and boy can he play. Sure he is still rough around the edges, and he is not a rookie that you're taking off the bench to change the tide of the game, but he is the clear future of the franchise.

Given his task as well, replacing Kawhi while hurt and run the offense and defense, he played at an extremely high level. Not to mention he is making this impact in the Western Conference FINALS. Many rookies cannot make an impact in the regular season let alone the second biggest state you can reach in any given season. His ending stat-line was 9pts, 7ast, 5stl, and two rebs.

But we got a look at not only Dejounte Murray, but also Bryn Forbes. Unfortunately, we got a very rare look, and not even at his entire game. He is known for his amazing 3pt shot, but he was not able to get any good looks this game going 1-4 from deep. He did end up scoring 8pts going 4-4 from the line and 2-8 FG.

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The Game

Golden State took an early lead out the gate, and although San Antonio had spurts of scoring, they were unable to consistently score the basketball. They had trouble putting it through the hoop even on good looks, but those good looks were also hard to come by. Aldridge continued to struggle and was unable to get a rhythm from even point blank. There were some successful drives to the hoop, but the Spurs were unable to score consistently on pace with the Warriors.

The Warriors Takeaway

Rest. They now boast an immense amount of extra time over whoever comes out of the eastern conference which puts them in a good spot to get well-rested and stay healthy. This is critical if they face off against the Cavaliers.

One Warrior who has to find himself in this extra time is Klay Thompson who has seemingly gone missing. Although performances from Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have carried them past San Antonio, this reliable shooter has to find his stroke to play a part in the Finals.

Another takeaway is how well the Warriors rookies were able to perform. With the lead high, they brought them in for some minutes, and they are meshing into the playstyle nicely. They like to play fast and bring a high level of animosity to the team. Golden State has clearly also done well with their late draft picks with Patrick McCaw performing well in his 17 minutes on the big stage. Meanwhile, Ian Clark who joined them in 2015 also did well with his 18 minutes.

Bottom Line

The Warriors didn't play at high levels of intensity and took their foot off the gas pedal late in the 3rd quarter. This lackadaisical play will not last against the Cavaliers or Celtics. They have to continue the type of play from the first half - and be more careful with the ball, having a lot of careless turnovers in the series.

We can clearly see that Kevin Durant is ready to win his ring from his play, and it'd be a shame if he made the wrong move this off-season and lost - but that's what will happen if they don't push the game at all times. Now that the Western Conference Finals have wrapped up the Warriors will look towards the NBA Finals.


This could have been Manu Ginobili's last time on the court, and if this turns out to be true, he deserves a notable shout-out for an unbelievable career!

Your flare and energy on the court will truly be missed. Sad to see the large pieces or the Spurs Dynasty retiring.

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