NBA Finals' drama is continuing to build as both teams are preparing to take the court Thursday night. These Finals have been hyped up since the beginning of the season, as many expected the Cavs and Warriors to end up playing for the Larry O'Brien Trophy in June. Both teams are going to rely heavily on their starters as the majority of them have been selected as all-stars once throughout their careers. As much as people will be watching LeBron and Steph going at it, what other starter needs to step up in the Finals to give their team the best chance to win?

It isn't as black and white as people may think, as some players hold the fate of their team in their hands.

We need more Love

The Cavs starter that needs to make an impact in these NBA Finals is their power forward Kevin Love. Love has been playing his role perfectly this postseason, as he has been shooting the ball well and getting rebounds for his team. Love is averaging 17 points and 10 rebounds in the playoffs and shooting 48 percent from three-point range. His ability to stretch the floor may cause problems for his primary defender Draymond Green. Green is a good defender, but he hasn't had to face a forward of Love caliber all season. Love will also cause Green headaches when it comes to rebounds.

Love is a tenacious rebounder and if he can provide second chance points or cause Green to commit fouls when going for a board, it can be a good situation for Cleveland. Love needs to continue this hot streak he is on if he wants to give Cleveland the best chance to win the Championship.

Klay is the word

For the Warriors, the starter that needs to make a big impact in this series is Klay Thompson.

Thompson is an overlooked player on the Warriors this season, as he has been shooting the ball well and playing good defense. Thompson's defense is underrated, as he is one of the best primary defenders in the game. Klay Thompson will be guarded by J.R Smith or Iman Shumpert for the majority of the time. Klay's ability to drill the ball from deep can cause big problems for both defenders.

Thompson has the ability to drop 60 points and only dribble the ball 5 times in that span so the Cavs need to pay close attention to his shooting. Thompson hasn't been hitting the mark in the postseason, as he is only shooting under 40 percent from the field and from three-point range. He will need to find his stroke again and take advantage of his matchup if he wants Golden State to have a good shot at the title.

Game changers

Both of these players play a big part in what their teams do on the offensive and defensive side of the court, so they will be relied on to make some timely players. These players are sometimes lost among all the other great starters in the lineup, but they need to make their presence felt throughout this series if they want to give their team a great chance to win. See how these players look in game one on Thursday at 9 p.m. on ABC.