As the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors prepare to face off in the 2017 NBA Finals, the Warriors all-star shooting guard has come out with some comments about the Cavs point guard. Klay Thompson spoke very highly of the Eastern All star's starting point guard, Kyrie Irving.

Klay Thompson will likely once again be the main defender on Kyrie Irving during the Finals, giving teammate and 2-time MVP Stephen Curry a break on the defensive end. In the 2015 and 2016 Finals, Klay was the primary defender on Uncle Drew, so this year shouldn't be any different.

Klay Thompson speaks about the Cavaliers point guard

Just days before arguably the most anticipated NBA Finals series of all time gets started, Klay Thompson has stepped forward to speak about Kyrie Irving and the challenge he poses on the defensive end for the Golden State shooting guard.

Klay Thompson on Kyrie's skill set:

“There are a lot of guys that can shoot the 3, but that’s all they can do, there are a lot of guys that can dribble drive and finish at the rim, but that’s all they can do. Here’s a guy that can shoot the 3 off the catch-and-shoot, he could shoot the 3 off the dribble. He has medium-game pull-up... floater. And then he can get to the rim. When he gets to the rim, he can finish in traffic among 7-footers."

Klay gave unique credit to Kyrie, and further expressed his appreciation for the young man's basketball ability.

He stated that Irving's ability to handle the ball with his brilliant layup finishing ability, putting some english on the shot and his shooting ability makes him "one of the greatest one-on-one players of all time.”

And finally, Thompson explained that Kyrie has done what he's done in 'big moments' and with Team USA, which has further elevated his prolific superstar status.

It should be a fun matchup

The matchup between Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson should be a fun one in this years Finals. Although a lot of people will see it as more of a Stephen Curry - Kyrie Irving matchup, it really isn't, they won't be guarding eachother on offense for the majority of the series. We can expect to see a lot of Kyrie Irving isolations with Klay guarding him.

It will be a huge challenge for the Warriors guard, but he's had quite a bit of experience with it in recent years, and minus that game winner Irving splashed in his face on Christmas Day, and a few sick crossovers that have had Klay leaning, he's done a pretty good job.