Duke University showed a lot of signs of talent and success. Their biggest issue all season was their inconsistency. This inconsistency did not include Luke Kennard, though. Kennard was dominant in college, shooting the ball and taking guys off the dribble. He led the Blue Devils in points and could create his own shot or play within the system.

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 202 pounds

College averages: 19.5ppg, 2.1 apg, 5.1 rpg


Luke Kennard brings a ton of fundamental skill to the NBA. He uses his dribbles with efficiency, he can jump-stop and pivot with balance, and he can shoot the three.

Kennard brings a lot of skill in that realm to any system or offense that a team has. He can play in pace and space, or he can play in a ball-screen heavy offense.

Standing at about 6'6", Kennard brings enough height to be effective at the highest level. He won't beat anyone with his length, but he will be able to get his shot off and be effective.

Kennard doesn't have a ton of athleticism, but he does bring a bit of athleticism when he gets his momentum going. He can play at the rim on drives and off the pass. Kennard efficiency is one of the best in the country. He elevated his game from freshman to sophomore year by a ton with his shooting.


Luke Kennard's main weakness is his build.

He's not the most athletic player, and his first step isn't very quick. He's going to have to rely on trickery and shot fakes to get anywhere in the league. His explosiveness isn't great, and he struggles against longer defenders.

Kennard's defense is a big worry for most NBA teams. He struggled a bit in college and will undoubtedly struggle in the league.

He makes his money off anticipation and his timing, and while that will be a great tool for the NBA, it may not get him very far. His wingspan is shorter than his actual height, so it doesn't give him any advantages when guarding another wing.

Luke Kennard has a few flaws that are big question marks, but he brings elite shot-making, decision-making, and is fundamentally sound.

Kennard won't be the guy to carry your team to a championship, but he will be a solid complimentary player who can play off the ball and also lead the offense at times.

The best teams for him at his spot in the draft would be the Pacers and Hawks. Kennard could contribute specifically to the Pacers by off the ball shooting around Paul George. Their system could use Kennard as a Korver-type player until he is ready to take on a larger role.