It is clear that the Philadelphia Eagles have been making some moves in the offseason. The first addition of Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery and now second at Running Back Legarette Blount. The Eagles all last season struggled with their offense, while their defense played well most of the season. The main issue was talented first-year quarterback Carson Wentz not having enough weapons around him; along with receivers being injured. Now, Wentz has more weapons at his disposal.

Blount, the ex-Patriot seems not to be interested in staying with the Patriots since he got two rings.

I think he notices that Wentz is the real deal, although he is not better than Brady, nowhere close. It is a bit of a surprise that he would leave such an incredible organization in the Patriots, even though the Eagles are paying him more money.

Now, the Eagles are more of a dangerous team with these two additions. They still have plenty of work to do to be number 1 in the NFC East although. Now, it is just more likely that they will be, but they will have to go past the dangerous New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

The significance of the deal

The deal is estimated at one year worth 2.8 million. This is a reasonable deal for the Philly team because they did not spend a lot on him for the amount of talent he has.

LeGarette was the leader of rushing touchdowns from 2016, and he is a big back weighing at about 250 pounds and being six feet tall. Blount is a power back, being able to get in the end zone and he will run over players with his size and power. Not only this, but he has been trained by Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback currently in the NFL.

Other than this, he is a veteran; who knows how to get it done.

The deal is significant because it further improves the Eagles struggling offense. Like the New York Giants, my favorite NFL team, the Eagles pulled a similar move to improve their offense like the Giants. Either the New York Giants or the Dallas Cowboys will hold the first spot in the NFC East.

Question of Eagles fit and reps

There are some questions to be asked with the signing of Blount because they still have Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles. The veteran Sproles is on the decline and Matthews time in Philadelphia is likely done with the addition of Blount. Who will be getting more repetitions now; Sproles or Blount? The Eagles could save money by cutting Matthews, who has been plagued by injuries throughout his career. He has dealt with a bad neck injury, and they are unsure if he can come back from that. Overall, time will tell how Blount performs on the Eagles. One thing Blount will notice is he no longer will have Tom Brady guiding him; but Carson Wentz, someone with great ability, but no Tom Brady. Blount can take pressure off of Carson Wentz, who is still looking to improve and make noise in the NFL.