LeBron James is all about winning the 2017 NBA Finals with his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, there may be something else weighing on his mind this week as well. LeBron's L.A. home was reportedly vandalized with a racist comment this week, and police are currently trying to find the culprit. The Inquisitr reports that LeBron's home was spray painted with the "N-word" this week, in what many fans are calling a hate crime against the NBA superstar.

LeBron James won't let vandalism impact his game during the 2017 NBA Finals

Meanwhile, LeBron James isn't about to let a racist hater get in the way of his goal of winning a second title with the Cavs.

Currently James and his teammates are in Oakland as they get ready to open up the NBA Finals series against their biggest rivals, the Golden State Warriors. Sources are revealing to Hollywood Life that LeBron James has seen racism his whole life, and that sadly, he's learned how to deal with it. James is just happy that "no one was hurt" during the incident at his California home, but he is too focused on his "end goal" and "refuses to have distractions" en route to pursuing another NBA championship.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star speaks out on racism in America

LeBron James is getting ready to head to his seventh straight NBA Finals, and there is nothing that will stop him from playing his heart out, with the hope of winning another championship for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans.

However, he did have one thing to say about the vandalism at his home. "Being black in America is tough," James told reporters, adding that it doesn't matter how rich or famous someone is, racism is still an issue in the country, and for all those who live here.

This could push the NBA baller over the edge

Meanwhile, some are blaming disgruntled Golden State Warriors fans for vandalizing LeBron James' property in California.

However, the crime may just add more fuel to the NBA player's fire. James' team is already the underdog going into The Finals, despite being the defending champions. LeBron has been known to perform well under pressure and adversity, and the latest hiccup with his west coast home may be just the thing that pushes the star over the edge and elevates his game to a championship level once again. It seems that while whoever decided to spray paint LeBron's house had a specific agenda in mind, they may have underestimated who they were dealing with.