LeBron James and Drake have a long history when it comes to basketball. While Drake and LeBron have shared a close friendship, sometimes Trash Talk is still inevitable, especially when LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers face the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs. Drake is a huge fan of the Raptors, and is always there to support his team when they're in the playoffs. But the rapper is also a fan of LeBron James, mentioning his name many of his songs and always supporting his success in the NBA. They share a close mateship, but when it comes to sports, they become enemies.

LeBron recently trolled his good friend, after the Cavaliers' game four victory.

LeBron James trolls Drake in Toronto

The Cleveland Cavaliers took a commanding lead in the Eastern Conference semi finals series on Friday night, defeating the Toronto Raptors 115-94 with a strong fourth quarter performance from King James and teammates and improving to 3-0 against The North. This win gives LeBron some strong bragging rights over his friend, because there is almost a 100% chance a team wins after going up 3-0 in a series. So the King is really free to say what he wants to at this point, and that's exactly what he did.

As LeBron headed to the locker room after the Cavaliers blowout victory, he went over to Drake and said: "Where are we headed tonight?

Margaritas on me".

Although Drake would've been feeling the pain of the loss, I'm sure he couldn't have turned down that request. Partying with LeBron sounds like a fun way to be spending a Friday night, even if it's at the expense of your own team.

The Raptors have never had much success against LeBron

Unfortunately for Drake and the Toronto Raptors organisation, they have never been able to have success against a LeBron James led team in the playoffs.

They would've made the NBA finals last year if it wasn't for the Cleveland Cavaliers led by the King getting in their track.

So while Drake has a lot of appreciation for King James as a person and a player, there will always be that bitter sweet feeling about what could've been for the team up North if LeBron wasn't there every season to end their hopes.

And unless something crazy happens, The Chosen One will be looking to lead his team past the team up in Canada for a second straight year. Last year the Cavs pulled out the series victory in six games as they advanced to the finals, but this year it's looking more like a sweep. It might be LeBron's 11th sweep of all time, which is an NBA record.