One of the more unexpected things happened in game one of the Eastern Conference semi finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors. We knew going into the series we would see many highlight plays, dunks, blocks, clutch shots and possible fights. But something we did not expect to see was LeBron James grabbing a Beer and drinking it in the middle of a game. While LeBron did not actually take a sip, it would have been a hilarious moment if he did. But I'm sure his conscience came into play, thinking about the consequences if he were to.

LeBron James spoke about his hilarious moment

With 2 minutes and 24 seconds left in the third quarter, LeBron drove the ball in semi transition and was fouled, almost scoring the basket for a potential and one. As he graciously hopped to the sideline with long strides he almost ran into a lady handing out beers to the crowd. That's when LeBron opened the eyes of a lot of viewers, as it looked like he was about to take a sip live on television in front of millions of viewers.

This was a very entertaining moment for viewers. A moment LeBron spoke about after the game. King James said:

"I was upset at myself because I had an and one opportunity and I didn't finish, I left it short. And my momentum just took me to the sideline, and I'm not gonna run over our beer lady.

She had one in her hand and I took it out her hand, but I'm not much of a beer guy, if she had some red wine I probably would've definitely took a sip."

LeBron is probably lucky his instincts kicked in and told him not to taste that beer, he may have received a massive fine from the NBA. The league has been throwing out fines regularly in the 2017 playoffs so far, and this could've given them another reason to.

Was LeBron's act on purpose?

LeBron James was asked in the postgame interview whether his hilarious antic was on purpose or not. LeBron said:

"It was just in the moment, I don't plan for things like that."

When watching LBJ play, there are many occasions where he engages with the fans and the people sitting courtside, but most of the time it just happens in the moment as LeBron stated.

The King also mentioned various occasions where he would interact with fans in the spur of the moment. He recalled a time his momentum took him into the stands, right next to a kid eating french fries, and LeBron proceeded to take one. James explained that those things just happen in the moment, and he always wants to bring happiness and connect with the fans and people at the game.