The hate of LeBron James is real. The three-time champion has openly received hate from fans and on some media, most likely because people find him arrogant and believe he is idolized for the wrong reasons. Whatever the case, the hate has gone way too far. On Wednesday morning, multiple LAPD units responded to James’ Los Angeles home to find graffiti on his front gate. Someone spray painted the n-word. The word was sprayed on the outer gate, and no one in the neighborhood saw who did it.

However, investigators are currently looking at security footage from neighbors that may help spot the perpetrator, according to TMZ.

Cops have since covered up the graffiti as they continue their search. According to the report, James bought this house in 2015 and rarely uses it. He wasn’t home when the incident happened, of course, as he prepares for Game 1 of the NBA Finals in Oakland, which begins tomorrow at 9 pm Eastern Time.

Angry fan trying to cause distraction?

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the incident. It was basically an angry, hateful fan demonstrating frustration toward LeBron with a racist remark. It was also fortunate that James wasn’t home during the incident.

For LeBron, his main focus is to win another title, as he probably doesn’t care much for a measly graffiti tag on his home. James and his Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to repeat as champions but have a tough task ahead of them.

Making his seventh consecutive Finals appearance, James is going for his fourth ring while looking to bring Cleveland its second title. Obviously, along the way, fans and the media are going to cause distractions, and this incident was probably one of many. But, being a composed leader, James is likely focused on the task ahead.

LeBron's road to number four

James and the Cavaliers dominated the Eastern Conference to make a third straight trip to the NBA Finals. They swept the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors, and beat the Boston Celtics in five games. James has drastically raised his level of play during the playoffs, averaging 32.5 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, 2.2 steals, and 1.4 blocks.

After coasting through the regular season, James is once again showing that he can flip the switch and perform at a high level.

The Cavaliers are going into the NBA Finals as the underdogs, which should be extra motivation for James and company. Can they prove critics wrong? We will find out tomorrow.