LeBron James is undoubtedly the best player in the NBA and he's been the best for over seven years. While it's true that he is one of the most physically gifted athletes, it's a fact that he wouldn't get far if he didn't work hard on his game. According to his teammate, Kyle Korver, that is precisely what LeBron does, and his Work Ethic is legendary. Korver is simply blown away by the four-time MVP and everything he does to stay successful and chase the greatness.

At the moment, the Cleveland Cavaliers have a 3-0 lead over the Toronto Raptors in the second round of NBA playoffs, and they have yet to lose a game in the postseason.

LeBron James has been nothing but astonishing, as he is breaking records and posting sensational numbers in nearly every single game that he plays. Thanks to his hard work, James continues to dominate the NBA in his 14th season, and it seems that he won't stop it anytime soon.

'LeBron James is a machine'

Kyle Korver has played with LeBron James for only five months, yet he has seen enough of him to praise his tireless work ethic. In the recent interview for NBA.com, Korver commented how impressed he is with James' hard work. "Behind the scenes, just how hard he works. He's a machine. You don't see guys this late in their careers, guys who've had this much success, be the first guy in the gym.

He's still there. I was blown away."

Korver mentioned a specific example of James' hard work, one that happened in the regular season. LeBron carried the Cavaliers to a big win over the Utah Jazz, recording a double-double with 33 points and 10 rebounds. Next morning, he was the first player to get to the gym as he wanted to be in the best shape for the playoffs.

Korver knows what it feels like to play against LeBron

Korver was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers in early January this year and he got a unique opportunity to share the floor with the greatest player of this NBA generation, LeBron James. However, before he joined the Cavaliers, Korver played for the Atlanta Hawks, and he got swept two times by James in the postseason.

First time, the Hawks met the Cavaliers in the conference finals and they had a home court advantage as they finished regular season with 60 wins and the first seed. LeBron dismantled them quickly, and he needed only four games to carry his team to the NBA finals. A year after, these two teams met in the second round, but the outcome was the same.

LeBron James has been unstoppable against the Hawks, and nearly every other NBA team, and he is on a good way to make his seventh consecutive NBA finals. His hard work is the biggest reason for his success, and if he keeps it up, there is no doubt that he could become even the greatest player to ever play in the NBA.