With only two teams left to fight for the Larry O'Brien Trophy, the other 28 teams in the NBA are preparing for a long offseason. One of the teams that many people will be following this offseason are the Boston Celtics. The Celtics made it to the Eastern Conference Finals but were dominated by LeBron James and the Cavs, losing the series in five games. The Celtics already have a star in isaiah thomas, but they are in need of one more star player to give the Cavs real competition in the East. Isaiah Thomas is due for a contract extension, but he says he would be willing to wait on that so the Celtics can use that money to sign talent this offseason.

Pay me later

The Celtics are in a good position at this point. They have a star in Isaiah Thomas, a good team around him, and the number one pick in this year's NBA Draft. But, the Celtics still lack the star power needed to challenge the Cavs and other powerhouse NBA teams. With Isaiah Thomas heading into the last year of his contract, questions arose about whether he would talk about a contract extension with the Celtics. On Friday Thomas answered those questions, saying he would, but the Celtics have bigger priorities.

Thomas told reporters Friday, "We need the best possible player that's gonna help us win, and I'm with that. Anything Danny and this organization need me to do to help bring even more talent to this city, I'm all for that."

Boston was in trade rumors when the deadline was approaching, as they were targeting Jimmy Butler, Blake Griffin, and Paul George.

Any of those pieces would be great for the Celtics, but they won't come at a cheap price. Thomas knows this and he is willing to hold off on any contract talks so the Celtics have the money available to sign talent, according to ESPN: "Whatever happens this summer with contracts, it happens. If not, then we'll wait until next summer and then we'll see where we go."

Thomas isn't going to put himself before the team in this situation, and that should make the Boston fans happy.

Thomas understands that the Celtics might be good, but they need more pieces if they want to win championships and dominate like the Cavs are currently doing. Thomas is showing the great characteristics of a leader, and his teammates are definitely taking note of it.

More money is always great

Thomas is set to earn $6.3 million this upcoming year which is the final year of the four-year $27 million deal he signed before he was traded from the Phoenix Suns to Boston in 2014.

That is quite the bargain for Boston, as Thomas played spectacularly this season and should have more money coming his way soon. Thomas will be paid less than the Celtics' No.1 pick in the draft this year.

Thomas told reporters per ESPN, "[An extension] means more money? Yeah, I would love that."

Nobody would turn down more money and with Thomas' great play these past two seasons in Boston, he should expect a huge payday soon. If Boston doesn't extend Thomas' contract this offseason they will be in a hard situation in the 2018 offseason as Avery Bradley and Thomas will be needing new contracts or they will be able to test the free agent market. The Celtics have a lot of decisions to make this offseason, so Danny Ainge will need to make sure that the organization has enough cap space and funding moving forward.