In Game 2 of the Western Conference finals, the Golden State Warriors defeated the San Antonio Spurs in blowout fashion. The loss for the Spurs sends them back home for game 3 down 0-2 to the defending Western Conference champs. Now the San Antonio Spurs hope that their superstar forward Kawhi Leonard can return to the team's starting lineup in a much-needed win for game 3.

Game 2 recap

On a night hyped by the NBA Draft Lottery, the Western Conference finals kept the show exciting with its following performance. The Golden State Warriors got off to a hot start in game 2.

At the end of the first half, the Warriors led the Spurs by 28 points. Jonathan Simmons came out with a solid first half scoring 17 points, but the rest of the Spurs could not quite find a rhythm. Lemarcus Aldridge who led the Spurs without Leonard in a game six closeout win against the Rockets has struggled to come up big since.

The Warriors spread the ball around well amongst their stars to win game 2. Draymond Green was there on the floor general as usual. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant picked apart the Spurs with their dazzling moves in transition along with a bunch of devastating three point shots that kept San Antonio from ever having a chance at making it a contest.

Curry and Durant

Stephen Curry has begun to play the MVP style of basketball that fans had got used to seeing the previous two seasons.

With the addition of Kevin Durant this season, everyone wondered how the stars would co-exist due to both of their outstanding scoring abilities.

However, when it has mattered the most, both players have been able to feed off of each other's energy and light up opponents for huge numbers. The numbers Curry and Durant have put up has put the Golden State Warriors two games away from reaching the NBA finals for the third consecutive season.

Game 3

The big question surrounding game 3 for the San Antonio Spurs is if their superstar small forward Kawhi Leonard will suit up to play. Leonard is recovering from reaggravating an ankle injury that occurred during the Western Conference semifinals against the Houston Rockets.

Golden State Warriors center Zaza Pachulia was heavily criticized at the conclusion of game one of the Western Finals against the Spurs for intentionally injuring Leonard while attempting to block his shot during the third quarter.

Kawhi Leonard himself said, "he did not feel that Pachulia tried to injure him intentionally." Either way, whether Leonard is available to suit up or not for game 3, the Spurs season will have a very tough hill to climb if they fall behind 0-3 to the reigning Western Conference champs.