Miami Heat fans got a little excited recently when Dwyane Wade took to Twitter and exclaimed that he is "back home in Miami." Despite his ability to opt out of his contract with the Chicago Bulls after the most recent season, his message didn't mean that D. Wade would be suiting up for the Heat again.

Is D. Wade considering a team change?

Dwyane Wade is from Illinois so when the Chicago Bulls decided to pick him up last season, his move away from the Miami Heat was considered a homecoming for the NBA star.

Despite that, Wade was drafted by the Heat in 2003 and played for them his entire career, except for last season. Wade spent 13 seasons with the Heat, even opting to take a pay cut in order to allow the team to form the championship-winning big three that combined his prowess with LeBron James and Chris Bosh,

Last season, Wade left the Heat and headed to the Chicago Bulls for his first season away from Miami. Despite playing well in Chicago, the team can only be described as mediocre and not somewhere that he might want to spend the few years left in his career. Wade signed a 2-year, $47 million deal with the Bulls last year but has an opt-out clause for the second season so he can stay in Chicago and collect his salary if he wants to.

Or Dwyane Wade can shop around for another team and sign a new deal anywhere that he wishes.

While some believe that Wade might just decide to stay put in Chicago and fill his pockets. Others have questioned whether he will want to stay on the team when they clearly aren't going to win a championship and choose to bolt in search of a team with a better chance at getting a ring.

Why was he in Miami?

Dwyane Wade may play for the Chicago Bulls but his home is still in Miami. After all, he lived and played basketball there for 13 seasons. It turns out that his most recent tweet about being "home" was actually about his new cars. In the NBA off-season, Wade is back in Miami to enjoy the sun and also to enjoy his new rides.

As Wade revealed in the Instagram link that accompanied his tweet, his return to Miami was more of an ad than anything. He captioned the Instagram post, saying, "Back home in Miami!!! So y'all know what that means. My team and family @thecollectionfl got me right. I'm about to hit these streets all summer in something new and fresh! #ad."

In the photo, Dwyane Wade had his hand on a brand new white Audi that was obviously given to him, either as a gift or a loan, in exchange for his social media posts about the cars and the luxury dealership called The Collection that supplied his new rides.

There is a good chance that Dwyane Wade will consider leaving the Chicago Bulls in search for something better in the upcoming NBA season.

Right now, it doesn't look like he will be heading back to Miami. There has been some speculation that Wade wants to play with LeBron James again and after the NBA Finals, we might actually hear more about that as teams start to make more moves in order to get ready for the upcoming NBA season.