Dion Waiters has had a troubling time in the NBA to say the least. The 25 year old player has always been confident in his shooting and skill level. The player emerged from Syracuse University and was picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers early in the NBA draft. It did not work out in Cleveland and he was traded away, going to the Oklahoma City Thunder and then finally to the Miami Heat.

It is easy to say that Waiters has grown since being on the Heat, as the shooter that has taken the spot of Wade. He has found his true home and wishes to sign a contract with the Heat.

Dion Waiters' first option

It is clear that Waiters will want to stay in Miami due to his great season -- and one that saved his career in the NBA. When asked about wanting to stay with the Miami Heat, he replied, "I want to be there," according to "The Hochman and Crowder Show" on WQAM. He also stated, "When that time comes and we sit down, we just got to make it happen. Let's get it over with as quick as possible." It is clear that Waiters' first and best option is to clearly re-sign with the Heat organization.

The Heat signed the shooter for a bargain last summer at only 2.9 million. This offseason it is clear that many teams are interested and would sign him to a big deal. It is likely that the Heat sign him to a 10 million dollar deal or above to get him to stay in Miami.

Dion Waiters' great season

Dion Waiters had an amazing season with the Heat, taking Dwyane Wade's spot on the roster. Waiters is one of the main reasons that the Heat were even close to getting into playoff contention. He has a lot of respect for Wade, and wishes him nothing but the best.

The season was a turnaround for Waiters, who averaged about 16 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 assists throughout the regular season.

He shot his best from the floor in his career, sinking mid-range jumpers and finishing on drives to the rim. He proved to be a leader and shot his best yet behind the three point line at 40%. It was unfortunate that an ankle injury kept him out of games towards the end of the season, but Dion looks to be in the best shape of his life and is emerging as a great guard for the team.

He fit well within the system and his confidence was at an all-time high.

Many decisions for the Miami Heat

The Heat also have to sign James Johnson as well to a deal because he brings a good locker room presence and played well during the season. The recent agreement with Chris Bosh helps clear up a lot of cap space so the Heat can sign other players to contend in the playoffs.

It would be interesting if Waiters does not sign with the team, which would mean that they could pursue Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is an all-star and one of the best offensive talents in the NBA, but he does not play good defense. If Waiters were to go to another team, they could pick up Anthony, who has not been happy with the Knicks.

Overall, Waiters is likely to sign with the Miami Heat. If not, the team certainly has other options moving forward.