The Washington wizards looked like a different team Wednesday than the one that blew the Boston Celtics out the last two games in DC as they dropped game five, 123-101. This series appears to be about who has home-court advantage, and whose big men are playing better.

The Wizards can be dangerous with high-powered streaks mixed in during big portions of the game but it was the Celtics who had a 16 point run early.

On Wednesday night, with the world watching, Washington missed their opportunity to prove they’re ready to move onto the next level of NBA basketball.

Yes, they still have game six, and if they win, game seven. But Washington displayed little to no heart as the Celtics forced their will on them early on Wednesday night. If the Wizards want to be taken seriously by the Golden State's and Cavaliers of the league, they must find a way to play consistent and win games like the one last night in the Boston Garden.

Celtics regain control of series

On a night that Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas didn’t play as much/as good as normal, his teammates elevated their games early and were able to stay consistent for the most part of the night.

Consistency proved to be the most important factor as the defensive-minded Celtics have learned to take advantage of teams on the offensive side of the ball now.

For the Wizards, John Wall led the team with 21 points (7-17 shooting, 41.2 percent) and four assists, but was one of only four players in double figures for Washington as the Wizards looked out of sync the entire night.

For Boston, Avery Bradley put down 29 points and six rebounds on 12 of 19 shooting as the Celtics shot 52.9 percent from the field, had 33 assists as a team, and led by as much as 26. While Wall is certainly maturing into one of the best coast-to-coast players in the league, Washington has to find a way to game-plan around him and learn to play defense in transition as well.

On to game six

No matter which side you’re on, you can see that these two basketball teams do not like each other. One thing these teams did Wednesday night showed that the other one has no veteran presence on the road, but shows its teeth at home. Washington has to find a way to play on the road with the same intensity they display at home. It just appears like they don't even get off the team bus when they play in opposing cities. If the Wizards ever want to win a title while John Wall and Bradley Beal are in town they will have to find a way to overcome this serious issue.