For the past two years, we had been waiting to see how “Better call saul” would make connections to the hit seriesBreaking Bad,” and we are finally getting to see the storylines take shape. Mike’s storyline with the Cartel hit its peak when he encountered Gustavo Fring in episode 3. Now we know how he became Gus’ most trusted assassin.

Hector Salamanca and Gus Fring beef

Episode 3.4 gave us a lengthy flashback that showed how Hector Salamanca and Gustavo Fring became enemies. They are depicted as major drug rivals, and now we know why they have so much hate towards each other.

Mike and Saul work so well together

Mike and Jimmy have grown so fond of each other, as they keep doing favors for one another. In this episode, Mike snuck into Chuck’s house as a door repairman to help Jimmy with his case by snapping a few pictures of Chuck’s home. Jimmy acknowledged Mike for his work over breakfast and will probably end up using those pictures to his advantage during trail.

Gus offers Mike a job

In this episode, we also witnessed Gus offer Mike a job as one of his henchmen, but Mike kindly declined. As “Breaking Bad” fans know, Mike ultimately ends up working for Gus, so we know that somewhere along the line Mike will accept Gus’ offer. Keep in mind that Mike also refused to take money from Gus for the job he did to stop Hector’s dealers from crossing the border.

This is essentially how all the connections started, how Jimmy or Saul knows all these people he introduces Walter White to in “Breaking Bad.”

Everything is tying in beautifully

“Better Call Saul” is written so beautifully, as we are discovering how well everything is tying in to help us get a better understanding of “Breaking Bad.” It looks like, with the trail coming up for Jimmy, he is going to soon become Saul Goodman and take his work to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Meanwhile, Mike is slowly turning into the sneaky, silent, clever assassin for Gustavo that we saw in “Breaking Bad.” All the other characters are now in play, and the show is becoming more interesting by each episode.

“Better Call Saul” is shaping up to be just as satisfying as “Breaking Bad,” with amazing writing and storytelling being put on display.

The actors are marvelous, and the characterization is impressive. It’s unclear how many seasons there will be to this show, but this third season has been full throttle. It is close to reaching the peak of Mike and Jimmy's storyline, which is forming into a brilliant show.