We are just 26 games into the season and Aaron Judge already has 13 Home Runs. That is a lot better than last season when Judge struck out in over half of his at-bats. Now he's averaging half of a home run per game.

On top of that, Judge has broken another record. He has become the youngest player in MLB history to hit 13 home runs through his team's first 26 games. Right now, if he keeps up with the pace he is on, he is on track to belt 81 home runs.

Shattering records

You may have heard about a new york yankees outfielder named Joe DiMaggio. He also has some records in the books.

However, back in 1936 DiMaggio set the New York Yankees rookie record in home runs with 29. That is quite an outstanding number for a rookie. Possibly more absurd? Judge is almost halfway there and it's only May.

Right now. Aaron Judge is leading the American League in slugging percentage with a whopping .818. If he can hold this number even close to where it is now, he has a real shot at breaking the record for the highest slugging percentage as a rookie. Not only that, but he could find himself on top of a list with Hall of Fame players like Lou Gherig, Jimmie Foxx, and Ted Williams.

Rookie of the Year?

The way Judge is playing, it's hard to picture him not winning the prestigious award. On the other hand, the American League is stacked with powerful rookies.

It should end up being a tight race, unless Judge can keep up with this monstrous pace, then it should be no competition. That is where things start to get interesting.

Ichiro Suzuki and Fred Lynn

Other than the fact that they are both phenomenal athletes, there is one other thing that links these two players. They are the only two players in the history of Major League Baseball to win Rookie of the Year AND Most Valuable Player in the same year.

That is just incredible. Who they passed for MVP in their rookie season is even more miraculous.

Ichiro is often criticized because he played a very long time in Japan before making his rookie appearance in the MLB at age 27. But, in 2001 he ousted players like Jason Giambi, Roberto Alomar, and Alex Rodriguez.

Who is next?

Could Aaron Judge continue his excellence into a group of players who accomplished the impossible?

Right now, any sports analyst in their right mind would take Aaron Judge as Rookie of the Year. But, sadly the season has barely even started. It is a long stretch that he needs to battle through.

That is just for Rookie of the Year, mind you. The MVP award is a whole different story. It is possible, but it could also be a tough achievement for a young star, especially in today's game.

The bottom line is that Aaron Judge is great and could soon become the face of a young, dominant New York Yankees team. He has cut down a tremendous amount on strikeouts and found a way to crush the ball and get on base at the same time. That makes for a scary combination when he steps into the box. The 13 home runs through 26 games record is not the first Judge has broken, and it most certainly will not be his last.