One of the most beloved and hated teams in baseball, the new york yankees are great again. This team has not been to a World Series in almost eight years but, the drought could soon come to an end. The Yankees have the best record in all of the baseball games and have even been on a stretch of eight straight wins. Many factors have helped the Yankees to this point in April, but three outstanding contributors cannot be overlooked.

1. The Pitchers are Back

A rotation that has been known as "weak" for a few years now appears to be back in prime form.

The loss of Ivan Nova is never easy to overcome, but the pitchers sure know how to pick up the slack. The team has the second lowest ERA (Earned Run Average) in all of the baseball at 3.28.

The team also leads the league in WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) and is second in BAA (opponents batting average against the team). Numbers like these are incredible for a mediocre-at-best rotation highlighted by Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

With big names like Tanaka and C.C. Sabathia, Michael Pineda has still been their best pitcher. He holds a record of 3-1 and has 37 strikeouts with an ERA of .345. The Yankees also re-acquired Aroldis Chapman in the off-season to bolster their bullpen.

One of the most impressive statistics comes from the team's relief pitchers.

There are six relievers with an ERA under 3. That means if the team can get through the game with their starter and pass it off to the bullpen, it is practically game over.

2. The Veterans are leading

One of the best things for a team to have is the "vet." A veteran can show the up-and-comers the ropes. Someone who has been in the league for quite some time and knew how to make an impact is exactly what this team needs.

The "Baby Bombers" are overall a young team. It is a team that has a lot to learn, and that being said, they're learning alright. Chase Headley, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Matt Holliday are all 32+ years old. They are each doing their job on and off the field

A veteran player on a team can be like a father figure. Last year the Cleveland Indians signed Mike Napoli to a young team that needed guidance.

Napoli had a career year and helped lead his team to the World Series. I am sure that is exactly why New York Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman, decided to sign Matt Holliday this past off-season.

Holliday has not started hitting quite like Headley and Ellsbury, but it has been his words that have made the difference. Holliday has had nothing but nice things to say about his young teammates, whether they are crushing the ball or not. A veteran can make as big an impact with his bat as he can with his words. So far this season, they are the leader they need to be, at the plate and in the dugout.

3. Aaron Judge

What more needs to be said? The kid has been impeccable. As far as April goes, he has been the Judge, Jury, and Executioner on the field.

He leads the American League in home runs at 10. Not only that, but he also tied the rookie record for home runs in the month of April. He has a slash line of .301/.393/.767 while also leading the team in RBI's (Runs batted in) with 20. There has been no downside to the rookie right fielder.

With plenty of baseball left to play, there is a question as to how long his bat can remain this hot. He has not been too bad in the field either as he had an incredible grab which leads him to leap into the stands a few nights ago in Fenway. Needless to say, his April performance is up there with the best in the league. He is making a name for himself and is helping his team win in the process.