When it comes to the Chicago Cubs, there are fewer fan bases that are more rabid. Most of the time, those rabid fans are a bit older and have been around the block, waiting for the Cubs to finally win the big one.

One young Chicago fan recently showed that you don't have to have survived the last several decades of inept baseball in order to get really excited to be going to Wrigley field. Kolt Kyler (whose name sounds like he might be destined to be a baseball player in his own right), was recently surprised with a pair of tickets.

His father gave him the tickets as a reward for a hard day's work on the family farm without complaining.

The reaction by Kolt was absolutely priceless as he totally lost it and burst into tears of joy.

Pure joy to see the Chicago Cubs

The video of young Kyler getting the news that he was getting tickets to the Cubs was recorded by his sister Hannah. The video was then put on social media and the Internet went wild. The family is located in Indiana, so clearly a trip to Chicago is something that doesn't happen every day.

The video was also a great one because it showed a kid who was willing to not only work, but was willing to work even more if he was asked.

Kolt's dad makes it clear he has no idea what he's going to be asked to do and still the kid says yes.

It's also great to see a family that clearly is into making sure they encourage the kid's love of the Cubs in a way he's going to remember for a long time.

His family had to be thinking they had certainly picked the right way to reward Kolt and the news that he was so happy to get to see the Cubs made its way to Chicago.

Cubs players join in the fun

After the video of the young Chicago Cubs fan went viral, several Cubs players stepped up to the plate and decided they wanted to sweeten the pot.

Anthony Rizzo stepped up the most, saying that when Kolt manages to make his way to Wrigley, he would be getting passes to be on the field during batting practice.

Several of the other players saw what Rizzo had offered up and wanted to make sure they got in on the fun as well. Kris Bryant sounded off on Twitter as well and said he wanted to meet the young man. The Cubs' favorite "old man" Grandpa Rossy (David Ross) did the same, saying he wanted to meet Kolt as well. It should be pointed out Ross is busy right now dancing his pants off on reality television. Check out the video of the young Cubs fan and see if you can keep the smile off your faces. This is what love of a baseball team is all about.