There is no question that a WWE ring has its limits when it comes to the weight capacity it can hold. Battle royals have hosted multiple stars, each with varying weight. Braun Strowman and Big Show got it on and the structure eventually collapsed.

This is not the first time that a WWE ring has caved in. Ironically, the Big Show has been there before so it seems safe to say that all of it was part of the script. With stars like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins conspicuously absent, the WWE creative team had to come up with something to draw attention.

How much weight did the WWE ring try to hold?

Strowman and Show had a combined weight of over 600 lbs., probably more than enough for the ring to give way. But then again, the people working behind the scenes can easily add support and make the necessary tweaks if warranted.

Regardless, tweaks were probably made but in the opposite direction. The structure gave way and it was likely constructed in a way that included due consideration to the wrestlers involved.

Was there anything exciting on the April 17 Raw episode

Wwe Raw went on air one week after the celebrated shake-up. While it needed some getting used to, notably missing were Reigns and Rollins. Hence, general manager Kurt Angle had to come up with something huge to maintain the ratings.

Strowman started the show, bragging about how he disposed of Reigns last week. For those who missed it, that included turning over an ambulance with the “Big Dog” (allegedly) inside.

Angle would cut the celebration short, informing Strowman and the WWE Universe that “The Monster Among Men” would be facing the “Big Dog” at WWE Payback on April 30.

The Raw GM then offered Strowman to take the night but Strowman demanded instead for some competition.

With most stars booked, it was the old hand Big Show coming out to take on Strowman. And as narrated earlier on, that match was highlighted by the ring collapse and ended in a no contest.

Where is the Strowman storyline headed?

Strowman has been stepping up once more with an impending storyline with Reigns. Some fans may have grown sick of it though the feud covers up the tracks of Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar and Paul Heyman hinted at Reigns as the next target until Strowman squirmed in. A Strowman vs. Lesnar title-match would be something new though lacking a bit when it comes to star power.

With WWE Payback nearing, it will be interesting how the Strowman vs. Reigns card will go. It will be brutal but would it include the special participation of Universal champion Brock Lesnar?