Eric Bledsoe has not been happy in Phoenix for quite some time now. The Suns clearly like Bledsoe, as he has been an immense help as others have been added to the team. The Suns are a young unit of nice players in their lower to mid-20s, but a veteran is huge to have at a time when they must play against some fierce teams in the West. This is a place where teams must get at least 50-win a season to even be considered for the playoffs, and the Suns won't get close to that this year. They haven't in a long time either.

Not so in the East, but the competition in this area is picking up as great young teams are coming together to hopefully challenge the top two teams in the conference.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics are clearly too good to compete against for the young teams out of Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Milwaukee. While all have talent, they're missing something extra that would keep them from overtaking the Cavs and Celtics teams.

Both are stacked, and now the others must be in order to even get close to a title. The Bucks have come along well, and stars are being born out of the likes of Jabari Parker and the near 7-foot stud out of Greece, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Known as the "Greek Freak," he was challenged by the retired Kobe Bryant in the off-season to chase what he is worthy of, the NBA MVP. Oh, has he ever lived up to this? However, he is not a one-man army as many people have stepped up to help.

Yet they will need more to take on the top two Eastern teams.

Eric Bledsoe will be traded to the Bucks

Eric Bledsoe wanted out of Phoenix and now he is getting his wish, but this has been in play well before he made mention of wanting to leave on Twitter. According to ESPN, The Suns are finalizing a deal to send him to the Bucks to join Parker and Antetokounmpo.

In return, the Suns will get Greg Monroe and a first and second-round draft pick. While this is not as much as what some assumed they could get for Bledsoe, his trade stock was hurt by the Suns seemingly being open about trading him.

Bledsoe is talented and will bring a veteran presence to this young Bucks team that is headed up by former NBA great Jason Kidd, who acts as the head coach for the team.

Their development has been amazing, and adding Eric will only make this team a logical threat in the East that will be able to compete.

The Bucks did not give up as much as people think. The Draft Picks will hurt a bit for them, but Greg Monroe has not been the best of players for them. While he can easily rebound and score, he has not been the star they hoped he would be. The addition of young center Thon Maker has made the team feel they could move on from Monroe eventually. Maker will now start for the team, and Bledsoe will come up as a point guard.

Michael Brogdon, who was moved to point this year to be added to the starting line-up, will be downgraded to the bench. However, we can still expect him to split time as shooting and point guard throughout the season.

The young NBA sophomore had a great rookie year, but that does not mean he deserves to start over an Eric Bledsoe.

What can we expect from the Bucks now?

It cannot be expected that the Bucks will make a major play for anyone else, but there is a theory they may go to free agency to grab another center if the ones on their team do not serve as helpful back-ups. A Boris Diaw or Festus Ezeli may be low-contract pick-ups targeted. It is unlikely they will trade anyone else on their team either.

The Bucks have shown talented team play dating back to last year, but they have clearly shown similar greatness this year. Bledsoe will step into a line-up that will be able to compete at a high-level due to this.

It was assumed that this Bucks team was at least going to have a 50-win season before this trade. Now that it has happened, we will surely see that number expectation go up. The one drawback is that Monroe leaving the team means a young Maker will be responsible for a lot of paint work. While he has proven to be an excellent rebounder and defender, who can shot-block quite well, he has not proven he can be a top-tier scorer yet.

Though he has proven he has some range, that does not mean he can easily play well against teams will bigger centers or dominant ones. Players like in the East like Kristaps Porzingis, Joel Embiid, Andre Drummond, etc. will be tough to defend against or match for Maker right now.

While it is possible he won't need to score as much with the other scoring assassins on his team, this can become a big issue in the playoffs. Maker's development will be the key to what makes this team a threat in the East or remain the little brother to the Cavs and Celtics yet again.