Serena Williams, 35, is pregnant. The athlete made the announcement on Snapchat by showing off her pregnant belly, then she deleted the post. It is presumed that Serena will not play the rest of the year due to her motherhood. She is expecting her first child with Alexis Ohanian, 34. Ohanian is a tech entrepeneur, who is well known for being a businessman who has revolutioned the internet and the social networks. His mother is German and his father is Armenian-American, which gave him a multicultural view of life. He is also the co-founder of Reddit.

Professional future

It is known that Serena will not play the rest of the year because she wants to prioritize motherhood. Everyone wants to know if she can play again after giving birth to her child. Other tennis players like Victoria Azarenka, 27, and Kim Clijsters, 33, took maternity leave and then returned to play with good results. It is too soon to know what professional decision Serena will make. She is one of the best tennis players in history. The athlete won her last Grand Slam, the Australian Open, while pregnant, and that shows how talented she is.

The father, Alexis Ohanian

The athlete and the businessman started dating in October 2015 and they were engaged in December 2016. Ohanian is the co-founder of Reddit and he is also a best-selling author.

The funny thing about it is that he wasn't into tennis until he started dating Serena. Since then, he has been seen at many tennis tournaments supporting his fiancee. Ohanian is a talented tech entrepeneur, who has been twice on the Forbes list of the most influential people under 30. He is considered as one of the youngest entrepreneurs to reach the level of success that he has.

His way of working is innovative, as he takes into account the personal well-being of employees. From the business world, Ohanian wants to bring positive ideas to society, making the world a little better for everyone.

The couple's first child is expected to be born in August of this current year.