On Saturday night, the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida served as the host venue for "NXT TakeOver: Orlando." The latest NXT pay-per-view from WWE was part of the big "WrestleMania" weekend and certainly didn't disappoint. Among the winners were champions Bobby Roode and Asuka, as well as the team of SAni†Y. However, there was also a major surprise for fans as a former member of the WWE roster who recently has left the TNA Impact Wrestling world showed up.

The chosen one?

Popping up in the audience during last night's "NXT TakeOver" show was none other than Drew McIntyre.

The man once billed by Vince McMahon as "The Chosen One," was catching all of the action right with the fans in the arena. Drew was pointed out on camera during the event.

Various media sources including ESPN would later confirm that McIntyre has signed on with WWE. Later on, McIntyre, who was decked out in a suit, gave comments backstage about his appearance.

The interviewer asked Drew the question on wrestling fans' mind: why did he show up at the latest WWE NXT event? He said over the years he's won championships all over the place and built himself as a brand.

Drew said he's now become a franchise player. He talked about his newest goal: winning the NXT Championship. Mr McMahon's "Chosen One" never quite achieved that highest level within WWE, but it appears he is now ready to do just that.

What's next?

With Drew McIntyre back in the WWE stomping grounds, it has already led to fans mentioning there could be a reunion in the works.

Drew McIntyre was a member of the 3MB faction along with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. However, Mahal has been working on "Monday Night Raw" while Slater is in a tag team with Rhyno on "SmackDown Live." These competitors will be a part of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It would certainly be something to see them team up again in the ring during "WrestleMania 33."

However, the big speculation is that McIntyre is going to spend some time as part of the NXT roster.

He may become the next challenger for the reigning NXT Champion Bobby Roode as Shinsuke Nakamura could be heading to the main roster if WWE rumors prove true.

Keep a lookout for McIntyre to show up on this week's "NXT" and possibly have a confrontation with the champ Bobby Roode. If not this week, then very soon. The "Chosen One" is coming for the "Glorious One."