As soon as Bray Wyatt steps into the ring to face his former cult follower Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, everyone invested in this year’s Westlemania will be extra cautious for a sudden apparition of an ominous shadow known by many in the name of Sister Abigail.

Sister Abigail, the maleficent kin of current WWE champ Bray Wyatt, is rumored to make her WWE debut on the greatest stage of sports entertainment at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida.

The Wyatt-Orton feud has been building up for more than six months and there’s no better place to showcase SmackDown’s top rivalry than the main event of Wrestlemania 33.

With a storyline this intriguing, WWE should better have something special under their sleeves or this long-built feud will go to waste. Then again, what’s the likelihood Sister Abigail make her big WWE splash this weekend? And if there’s real possibility to it, what are WWE’s motives behind her much-awaited debut?

Top 3 factors behind Sister Abigail's Wrestlemania 33 debut:

Wyatt needs companion – Randy Orton’s viper-liked plan to destroy the Wyatt Family caused Bray the allegiance of one of his most loyal minions, Luke Harper. Now, that he has no followers/ minions around him, Wyatt absolutely needs another one to take his WWE championship reign to a greater level. Sister Abigail, roaming around the sidelines, will be a perfect situation for Wyatt in future title defenses, should he survive Randy Orton.

Character’s big appealSister Abigail might be the only character mentioned several times in WWE programming that hasn’t made any WWE appearance. In every time Bray Wyatt speaks of his sister’s nefarious ability, the more the WWE universe becomes curious of her. If WWE wants to monetize Sister Abigail’s increasingly growing popularity, it’s about time they need to tap someone to embrace that particular role.

It doesn’t matter if she’s one of their underused female wrestler or a NXT superstar, just let her sport an evil look and WWE fans will surely buy it.

Debut long overdueBray Wyatt told Crave in a recent interview that he really doesn’t know when Sister Abigail will appear before millions of wrestling fans. He appears contented of seeing and feeling her presence alone.

On the other hand, there’s a side of him wanting a Sister Abigail character by his side.

"That's a challenging question and there's not a simple answer to it. I get a little confused. I don't know what is real and what isn't. That's just the nature of me. Can I say never? No, I cannot. Can I say for certain? No, I cannot. But I see her and feel her and that's as real as it needs to be," said Wyatt.

Let rumors be rumors unless the thing actually happens. There’s no certainty Sister Abigail will ever make her WWE debut. It could be in this year’s Wrestlemania or two days after that on SmackDown. The point is WWE has to push this character at some point. After all, it adds intrigue to Bray’s character. It adds an entertainment factor.