WWE Superstar Paige is set to return within the next two months to the WWE. She has been out with a neck injury since the late summer of 2016. She ended up having neck surgery a few months later, with many thinking it was career threatening. Luckily for her, she was able to get a surgery that was easy to recover from and her career was still moving perfectly fine. The plan was to add her right back to the WWE RAW brand when she returns to the ring.

She would be useful to the red brand when she returns for sure. While they do have a lot of great women on the brand, they only have five girls who are not considered "green." This means that a wrestler is not quite good enough in the ring to be considered a great wrestler, which is putting it nicely.

Emma, Sasha Banks, Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Bayley. Summer Rae and Paige would be helpful to the brand upon their returns, which would actually be more helpful than people think. WWE plans to turn Banks heel, which would leave them down a babyface, which Paige could fill.

What are the plans for Paige?

This is where the problem comes in. According to The Wrestling Observer via Ringside News, WWE actually has no real plans for Paige upon her return. They know they will eventually bring her in and have her work for them. However, Paige has had some issues out of the ring. Last year it seems she attempted to get fired by failing drug tests, but only had two suspensions before that was not attempted again.

She has been in a very public relationship with Alberto El Patron, formerly Alberto Del Rio in the WWE. The two have been in what many believe is an unhealthy relationship.

However, WWE is under contract for quite some time. Originally, it was until 2019 but since WWE can freeze contracts when people get hurt, she will get out of her deal in 2020.

That said, WWE still has her for a while and it makes sense to use her. Sadly, WWE knows her relationship is an issue. The theory among most is that WWE will end up not bringing her back, or she won't want to come back. That said, another theory presented is that the only thing that can save her career with WWE is the movie about her and her family's life that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is producing.

What does this mean for Paige and WWE?

Clearly, WWE does like Paige a lot and the fact that they have not let her go yet is proof of that. Normally, WWE does not put up with a lot of the stuff we're seeing from her now. It seems that WWE does not want to release her, but that could end up happening if we see the same things from her this year that we saw last year.

The Alberto Del Rio relationship seems to be something that WWE just does not like for Paige. The WWE attempted to stop this originally by pushing them to different brands in the WWE Draft last year. Suddenly both failed drug tests, Paige was hurt and Del Rio left WWE. Since then, both have been in the news a lot with Alberto recently badmouthing Triple H in drunken rants with Paige in the videos. WWE may not want to deal with this any longer, and most people can understand why.