The New England Patriots are going to need to take out an insurance policy on their latest Lombardi Trophy if they haven't already. Reports are surfacing from friday night that the trophy was involved in a head-on collision with a deer, though it appears the trophy was able to emerge undamaged. The same apparently can't be said by the car that was carrying the trophy as it made it's way through Maine. The award was being transported through the state as it made its way from one display to another. This time it was headed towards the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

The New England Patriots can breathe a sigh of relief

While this kind of a collision can largely be laughed off because everyone (except for presumably the deer) emerged unscathed, it would be a bit of a PR nightmare if something did happen to the Lombardi trophy. The New England Patriots are not going to be happy if they have to have a thing that has dents and dings traveling the country attempting to show off what a dynasty the club has built. While the award getting banged up wouldn't take anything away from the Super Bowl win, it's a safe bet the trophy itself would not only be tarnished but might be put away altogether.

Interesting cargo belonging to the New England Patriots

It appears that Maine state police are the ones that first let it be known the Lombardi trophy was involved in the incident.

The police talked about the accident on their official Facebook page. The story went that a trooper went out to assist on what was supposed to be a rather run of the mill car-deer accident. It wasn't until the officer arrived on scene that he found out the driver and passenger were transporting something so valuable to the New England Patriots.

The troopers, who normally don't make quite as big a deal about assisting with accidents, made sure they put this particular incident on their official Facebook page. The state police can hardly be blamed, it's not every day you get you pose with the Lombardi trophy on a lonely Maine road.