Jamaal Charles, the former Chiefs superstar, is still unsigned. Since entering the league in 2008, Jamal has accumulated 7,260 yards rushing and has earned 43 touchdowns. He has become the Chiefs all-time leading rusher in the process. Jamaal is the NFL's all-time career leader in rushing average among running backs with at least 1,000 careers carriers with a 5.6 yards per carrying rushing average.

Behind him are the great Jim Brown (5.22), Barry Saunders (4.99), recently signed Adrian Peterson (4.96) and Paul Lowe (4.87). So why hasn't Jamaal found a home yet?

Client needs advertising

Jamaal Charles is a premiere backfield threat. His ability to catch balls and provide yards after catch make him a weapon whenever the pig skin is near him. In 2013, Charles had 693 yards receiving which could be considered arguably his last healthiest year in the league. According to his agent, David Mulugheta Jamaal is back and is here to stay.

His caption of the video he recorded of Charles doing drills was "it is not a matter of IF but a matter of WHEN." Although his primary job is to sell his client, Mulugheta may be onto something. In 2015 Jamaal only played five games and still averaged 5.1 Yards Per Carry. Although his career has been full of injuries, teams should not sell Jamaal Charles short.

Don't all come at once

There are NFL organizations out there that need Jamaal in the backfield. When Eddie Lacey left the Packers and headed for Seattle, I did not understand why the Packers did not act on Jamaal right there. During the postseason, the Packers opted to use their slasher Ty Montgomery as the number one running back.

They used Ty often and efficiently, which led me to believe the Packers were looking to renovate their offense. Minnesota has also lost Adrian Peterson although they have not used him in a few years.

The addition of Jamaal Charles behind an offensive line system that is accustomed to blocking for an elite back may be proven to be deadly against the sub-par defenses of the NFC North.

The 49ers also come to mind when I think of possible homes for Charles only because Kyle Shanahan needs to send a big statement to the league through the offensive side of the ball in his debut year at the head coach position.

The fact of the matter is that teams are afraid to take a chance on the legs of Jamaal Charles. The teams that would pick him up are the ones that have the most to lose. Hopefully, Jamaal Charles will become an asset to a head coach very soon.